EastEnders fans convinced Jack Branning will expose Gray Atkins murder thanks to easily missed blanket clue
6th January 2021

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Jack Branning knows that evil Gray Atkins murdered Tina Carter thanks to an easily missed blanket clue.

The police officer – played by actor Scott Maslen in the BBC soap – bumped into the solicitor whilst he was putting the barmaid's body in the boot of his car after killing her.

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Jack was on the look out for Tina as he wanted to ask her a few more questions about the brutal attack on Ian Beale as she was on bail for the crime at the time.

Gray lied to the copper and said that she was out, and a suspicious Jack replied: "Is she now?"

The murderer went on to lie about where she was, but some fans think that Jack caught on, especially considering he noticed a blanket sticking out of Gray's car door which was covering Tina's body.

One Reddit user took to the discussion website to point it out and said: “So when Gray was driving off with Tina's body, there seemed to be a lot of fixation on a corner of the blanket sticking out of the boot.

“What is the significance of that? In one shot it looked like Jack had seen it out of the corner of his eye but I'm not sure. 

“Is it possible she's still alive and escaped somehow or are we certain she's dead?”

And it looks like they weren't the only fan of the show who noticed it, with one even suggesting that Tina is still alive.

A second chimed in: "I thought it was strange they focused on it so much but then heavily implied he's got rid of her body."

“So maybe she isn't dead, pointless to focus on it if they're not going to do anything with it."

And a third speculated: "Maybe this will be how he is caught a bit is torn off and is found in his boot with her DNA?”

Viewers of the show will know that Tina was killed off by Gray after she threatened to expose him for killing his wife Chantelle Atkins.

The former Queen Vic barmaid was left shocked when her sister Shirley told her that he had tried to kill himself to end the pain from not being able to see his kids.

Tina decided to confront Gray about his actions, and she soon put two and two together, realising that he was the person behind Chantelle's death.

She made it clear that she was going to expose his awful crime to every in the Square.

But Gray took it one step further and made sure she kept quiet by killing her – although it was made unclear to viewers how he did it.

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