EastEnders Denise heartbroken as Ravi takes blackmail to new level
10th March 2023

EastEnders airs special flashforward scene for Christmas 2023

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Recently she has been struggling with her guilt after she nearly began an intimate affair with Ravi (played by Aaron Thiara) behind Jack Branning’s (Scott Maslen) back. After telling Jack he had nothing to worry about, Denise (Diane Parish) met Ravi at a hotel and was tempted to get into bed with him. However, the EastEnders legend soon called things off and explained she felt “dirty” before returning home to Jack and hopping into bed.

In upcoming scenes, Ravi piles on the pressure as Denise contemplates breaking into Jack’s laptop to get the information he needs.

Not wanting her secret affair to come out, she almost betrays her husband even more but she is saved when she receives a call saying Amy has been in a fight at school.

Standing up to Ravi, Denise later calls his bluff and explains she won’t betray Jack again and he can do his worst.

Unaware of what her sister is going through, Kim consoles her as Denise goes on about feeling guilty for letting Jack and the family down.

Determined to get what he wants, Ravi prepares to break into the Branning house to search for the information he needs but is soon interrupted by Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams).

Ravi manages to get himself out of the encounter, with the pair sharing a flirty exchange.

As Chelsea has to go and see Jordan, Ravi relishes his chance to snoop but is once again interrupted as Denise and Jack arrive home with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) in tow.

Denise is desperate to set Keanu and Chelsea up on another date.

Chelsea is sceptical but Keanu convinces her to give him a chance.

The pair decided to go on a date at The Vic, but when his back is turned, Ravi slithers over to flirt and flatters Chelsea.

Chelsea isn’t best pleased to hear Keanu has agreed to work for Sharon and longed off their date.

Ravi is delighted to see that Keanu has once again messed up his chance with Chelsea and hopes to push his way in.

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As Karen desperately tries to convince Chelsea that Keanu’s into her, she’s getting bad vibes about where his real feelings lie.

But when Chelsea asks Keanu flat out if he still loves Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), what will he say?

Is Ravi using his flirting with Chelsea to get closer to Denise and manipulate her further?

Will Ravi get his revenge for being rejected by Denise and enter into a relationship with Chelsea?

Chelsea star Zaraah Abrahams recently opened up on the upcoming love triangle with Ravi, Chelsea and Denise.

She told Digital Spy: “He shows a consistent interest in her and he’s not too full-on but he’s constantly teasing her with flirtatious behaviour.

“He seems to be doing well for himself too – he’s got the business and he seems to be taking care of his son. So I think all of these things make her think, ‘Hmm… OK!’.

“But you’ve got to start somewhere! He [Ravi] lends more to her history in terms of his ‘bad boy’ image, even though she thinks she would like a really soft and kind-hearted person.”

EastEnders airs weekdays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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