Eagle-eyed Watership Down viewers spot BBC’s poignant tribute to Richard Adams
23rd December 2018

Eagle-eyed viewers were charmed tonight as they spotted a poignant tribute to Richard Adams during the final installment of the BBC’s adaptation of his classic novel Watership Down.

As the rabbits tried to cross the road to look at the cars after Fiver’s vision, they were seen sitting underneath a bench.

But fans noticed that on the small brass plaque read: "In loving memory of Richard Adams".

Adams died almost exactly two years ago on 24 December 2016 aged 96.

Viewers praised the sweet tribute, with one writing: "@BBCOne Nice touch with the ‘Richard Adams’ bench. #WatershipDown."

While another commented: "Really clever by the #WatershipDown team put a plaque on the bench ‘in memory of Richard Adams’."

A third remarked: "Nice touch on the bench in that scene..”In memory of Richard Adams” #WatershipDown."

The BBC’s adaptation of eerie 1978 classic Watership Down began airing last night, though was largely criticised by viewers for its underwhelming CGI.

This led some viewers to "switch off" as they branded the animation "cheap", "naff" and even "atrocious".

The BBC adaptation will be aired in two hour and 40 minute episodes tonight and tomorrow.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to hit out at the "charmless" animation, with some even saying that they were "switching off" and claimed the rabbits looked more like hares.

One tweeted: "Who on earth thought a remake of Watership Down using what looks like pre 2000 computer game animation was mad."

While another commented: "#WatershipDown animation looks a bit naff #bbc."

A third remarked: "Why is the animation so atrocious? #WatershipDown."

"#WatershipDown turned it off, why are these things always overhyped? Animation is terrible, still love the original in a sad but good way," another remarked.

One wrote: " This new version is so incredibly disappointing. Why would you sign off on something that looks this bad. The animation aesthetic is possibly the worst I’ve ever seen!"

Another exclaimed: "Awful you need to take this back after christmas for a refund! #WatershipDown."

However some viewers felt it was just as frightening as the original and enjoyed it.

One tweeted: "#WatershipDown is actually kind of scary, although not thrilled about the animation…"

While another commented: "Overall I quite liked the new #WatershipDown I enjoyed the fact that they featured aspects of the storyline missed before and enjoyed the humour that Bluebell brought that was sorely missed in the last film."

A third remarked: "Here’s what I liked. Voice cast. The fact that the Sam Smith song only played over the end credits and the continuity announcer talked over most of it. Good job rhyming fire and desire tho Sam, I never would have thought of that!#WatershipDown #whoelsemutedandsangbrighteyes."

"I liked it. The message about humans is timely too. #WatershipDown," one wrote.

*Watership Down continues tomorrow at 7.20pm on BBC One

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