Don’t interrupt me’ Robert Winston hits out at Susanna Reid as he calls for homework ban
29th May 2021

GMB: Robert Winston argues homework should be reduced

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Amidst the fall out from Dominic Cummings’ seven hour testimony, Good Morning Britain welcomed Professor Robert Winston and Katie Ivens to discuss whether or not homework should be banned. As Susanna Reid questioned the pair, there was an awkward moment when Professor Winston told her not to interrupt him.

Discussing the important of homework, Ms Ivens argued: “It allows children to take work home that they have been studying at school and give it their own perspective and interact with it, learn more.

“I think it helps to create critical thinking as a matter fact, which is a very good thing but also you can advance what you are learning.

“It is an opportunity to move on. It should not be banned, absolutely not.

“If it needs improving, then improve it. If teachers are bored by it then they better cultivate their interests and become good setters of homework.

“There may be problems with teaching and teacher’s attitudes,very possibly, but homework is most important.”

However, Professor Winston disagreed with her completely insisting it wasn’t necessary.

“There’s far too much homework and it should be reduced,” Mr Winston remarked.

“The evidence that it actually produces a better achievement is just not there. There’s no statistical evidence and I think we need to listen to teachers.

GMB: Robert Winston interrupted by Susanna Reid

“They are already under massive staring at the moment for several reasons, not just because of Covid.

“But they are actually having to work very hard and to add to that burden is a very serious issue.

“My view is if it’s not doing the child any good, what they should be doing at home is quite different in my view from doing homework.

“I think either no homework or very limited homework,” Professor Winston added.

Reid interrupted: “Professor Winston you were,” however Winston hit back: “Excuse Ms Ivens, let me finish.”

“That was actually me, Susanna, in the studio sorry,” Reid explained.

Professor Winston commented: “Well, I’ve said what I needed to say anyway Susanna.”

Those tuning in were divided over the debate and took to Twitter to share their thoughts with one commenting: “Primary school homework is more stressful for parents than children. At primary school it should just be reading, spelling and some maths.”

Another added: “As a teacher, parent and now a grandparent, I can honestly say never has so much time been wasted on so much effort for such little reward. Homework should be learning to swim, skip , ride a bike and socialise.”

A third posted: “They need homework ! Not just for grades but for work ethic.”

Someone else argued: “So after all the home schooling done through the lock down 70% of teachers think it’s too much homework. Doing school work at home has been the thing that has helped this country get on with dealing with lock down and working from home.”

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