Don’t F***k With Cats killer Luka Magnotta’s mum branded ‘delusional’ after blaming mysterious ‘Manny’ – The Sun
8th January 2020

NETFLIX fans have branded Luka Magnotta's mother "delusional" after she insisted that the Don't F**k with Cats killer was influenced by an unknown friend called "Manny".

Luka's mother Anna Yourkin has used the third hand in the videos showing her son murdering cats by feeding them to snakes to insist that he was not working alone; she has also claimed that the police have stopped her from releasing a picture of the man known only as "Manny".

In the Netflix documentary, viewers were shown footage of the horrifying videos Luka posted online of cats being tortured, and a third hand is visible in the clips.

The documentary makers never investigate whose hand we see on screen, and Anna told TMZ that the police need to look into this further.

"In the cat killing video there is a third hand, as you can see, my son's two hands and third hand. You can't see a face so it's unidentifiable… but Manny was there," she said.

"My son phoned me and told me, so I assume that hand is Manny's hand. The police should investigate, they have it right there, they can do something."

Luka has always claimed that his friend Manny forced him to kill the feline, but the Netflix documentary suggests that Manny was Luka's imaginary friend.

One fan of the three-part series shared: "Luka Magnotta’s mom……… this delusional mf is up there with the parents from abducted in plain sight."

Another added: "I was gonna say I feel bad for luka’s mom, but she’s calling the internet dudes crazy when her son was murdering animals and showing signs of doing worse lmaoo what (yes another don’t fuck with cats tweet)," while a third said: "I’m sorry, but Luka Magnotta’s mom is in denial here about her son being a crazy murderer."

The documentary Don’t F**k With Cats shows how a team of armchair amateurs hunted down the narcissist by exploiting the weakness that was also his motivation to kill — a desperate need for attention.

Over 18 months, a group of internet experts tracked the online activity of the 30-year-old Canadian Magnotta, and helped an international manhunt snare him.

The killer went on to be found guilty of killing his lover Jun Lin in May 2012, dismembering his body and posting his hands and feet wrapped in pink tissue to schools and political parties.

It took a jury eight days to throw-out a not guilty plea that he was an insane schizophrenic not accountable for his actions – and convict him of the first degree murder of the Chinese student.

He was also found guilty of harassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and MPs, mailing obscene and indecent material, committing an indignity to a body and publishing obscene materials.

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