Donald Trump Calls Football “Dangerous Sport” But “Great Product” On Super Bowl Sunday
3rd February 2019

President Donald Trump says he would steer youngest son Barron away from playing football, calling it a “dangerous sport” but a “great product.”

“I just don’t like the reports I see coming out having to do with football. It’s a dangerous sport,” Trump said in the traditional POTUS Super Bowl Sunday sit-down with the broadcasting network.

“I thought the equipment would get better, but it hasn’t solved the problem. I hate to say it, because I love to watch football – it’s a great product,” he told told CBS’s Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan.

“I’ve heard NFL players saying they would not let their sons play football. I’d have a hard time with it.”

Trump insists he has a great relation with the NFL, despite slamming owners previously for not getting those “sons of bitches” off the field who took a knee during the national anthem to put the spotlight on allegations of police brutality toward African Americans.

“You can’t be kneeing for the national anthem, you have to respect the flag,” Trump said in Sunday’s pre-Game interview.

His administration’s judicial reform addresses many of the concerns of those NFL players who knelt, Trump insisted, saying “a lot of that had to do with that.”

Trump says he’s sitting pretty as the February 15 deadline draws near on talks with Dems to keep the government open.

House Speaker, who outplayed him on the State of the Union, forcing him to postpone until this week, and who continues to say she will agree to no money for a Trump Border Wall, “can keep playing her games, but we will win, because we have a much better issue,”

“On a political basis, what she’s doing is — I actually think it’s bad politics,” he told Brennan.

“But much more importantly it’s very bad for our country.”

Asked if he would shut down the government again, he said coyly “We’ll have to see. I don’t like to take anything off the table” adding “this really is an invasion of our country by human traffickers” of mostly women but also children.

“You need a wall and anybody who says you don’t is just playing games.”

Speaking of playing games, Trump lied about Pelosi’s position, saying she “wants open borders,” “doesn’t mind human trafficking,” and that “when you see drugs pouring in” it’s “because of people like Nancy Pelosi.”

A Pelosi rep responded to Trump’s Face the Nation remarks, which were recorded Friday:

The President’s wild and predictable misrepresentations about Democrats’ commitment to border security do nothing to make our country safer.

Trump hinted he might declare a national emergency at the border, which would enable him to fund the construction of a border wall without congressional approval.

“It’s a national emergency, it’s other things and, you know, there have been plenty national emergencies called,” he said. “You need a wall. And anybody that says you don’t, they’re just playing games.”

POTUS expects to announce the time and place for his next meeting with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un during his State of the Union Address, which got moved to this coming Tuesday when Pelosi would not allow it to be delivered in the House chamber while the security staff was not being paid.

Through pundits say Kim won’t give up his nuclear weapons, Trump boasts he can make that deal, because it’s how North Korea will become an “economic superpower.”

“We get along great,” he said of Kim, with whom, Trump said, he had fallen in love.

Trump said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has assured him he is “absolutely not leaving” despite reports he might consider running for the Senate from Kansas.

He likes having so many “acting” cabinet members because “it’s easier to make moves when they’re acting. I like acting, because I can move so quickly. It gives me more flexibility.”

Trump has fired key officials “when it’s  not happening…when it doesn’t get done…Like with General Mattis, I wasn’t happy with his service,” Trump said of his former Secretary of Defense.

“I told him, ‘Give me a letter’.”

Mattis resigned in protest, reportedly stunning the White House, when Trump suddenly announced he was pulling troops out of Syria without first conferring with his military and intel chiefs.

In Trump’s parallel universe, however, “He resigned because I asked him to resign…I gave him big budgets and he didn’t do well in Afghanistan.”

SInce Mattis left, “what’s happened in Syria in the last few weeks, you would see that things are going down that were not going down. That things are happening that are very good. So I was not happy with him, but I wish him well.”

Trump recently called his intel bigwigs naïve and told them to go back to school. That after they warned the vacuum left by the departure of U.S. troops could result in a resurgence of ISIS or al Qaeda in Syria and/or Iraq.

“And you know what we’ll do? We’ll come back if we have to,” Trump shot back in his Super Bowl Sunday interview. “We have very fast airplanes, we have very good cargo planes. We can come back very quickly.

“And, I’m not leaving,” he added, saying he will keep troops in Iraq to “watch Iran.”

“We have a base in Iraq and the base is a fantastic edifice…I couldn’t believe the money that was spent on these massive runways. And it’s there. And we’ll be there…We’re going to keep watching and we’re going to keep seeing and if there’s trouble, if somebody is looking to do nuclear weapons or other things, we’re going to know it before they do.”

“My intelligence people, if they said in fact that Iran is a wonderful kindergarten, I disagree with them 100%. It is a vicious country that kills many people.”

His intel specialists told him Iran technically was in compliance with its nuclear deal.

“I have intel people, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree,” Trump said, when reminded. “President Bush had intel people that said Saddam Hussein in Iraq had nuclear weapons, had all sorts of weapons of mass destruction. Guess what? Those intel people didn’t know what the hell they were doing, and they got us tied up in a war that we should have never been in.”

He added, “We were in many, many locations in the Middle East, in huge difficulty. Every single one of them was caused by the number one terrorist nation in the world which is Iran. So when my intelligence people tell me how wonderful Iran is — if you don’t mind, I’m going to just go by my own counsel.”

Troops also will be pulled from Afghanistan, Trump said again.

“We’ve been there for 19 years. I want to fight. I want to win, and we want to bring our great troops back home. I’ve seen the people. I go to Walter Reed Hospital. I see what happens to people. I see with no legs and no arms. And I’ve seen also what happens to them up here because they’re in this situation, and they come back and they are totally different people.”

He said he would see what happens in talks with the Taliban.

“They want peace. They’re tired. Everybody’s tired. We’d like to have — I don’t like endless wars.”

Military force remains “an option” in Venezuela, Trump said, revealing that President Nicolas Maduro had requested a meeting month ago, which Trump refused, supporting Juan Guaidó, head of the Venezuelan National Assembly.

“That was the wealthiest country of all in that part of the world, which is a very important part of the world. And now you look at the poverty, and you look at the anguish, and you look at the crime,” Trump said, by way of explanation.

Trump would not rule out a pardon for recently arrested Roger Stone, who he says he likes because “Roger’s a character” – who “did not work on the campaign, except way back at the beginning.”

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