Doctors spoilers: Dating disaster for lovebirds Jimmi and Maeve
9th June 2022

They say, two’s company and three’s a crowd. What, then, is four? A double date? Or a socially awkward disaster?

Letherbridge’s newest couple Jimmi and Maeve (Adrian Lewis Morgan and Clelia Murphy) are about to go on a hiking trip together. Jimmi naturally sees this as a romantic opportunity, so is surprised when Rob and Karen (Chris Walker and Jan Pearson) turn up too.

He is more surprised still to learn Maeve invited them, although she apparently wasn’t being serious.

The four decide to make the best of it and go hiking, but things get awkward again when they all end up having a pub meal.

Ultimately, the date has been totally gate-crashed but Jimmi and Maeve are both much too polite to ask Rob and Karen to leave.

In fact, things turn out okay. Maeve is particularly interested to hear about Jimmi’s past romantic failures from Karen “Gobby” Hollins. Poor old Jimmi has been unlucky in love before. Could Maeve be about to turn his fortunes around?

Daniel (Matthew Chambers) then meets another couple at a very different stage of their relationship.

Cat and Ki (Sarah Jane Fineux and Joey Lockhart) are students and have been attempting to have sex together for the first time. But they have been having problems. Could the pills Ki has been taking, be to blame?

Finally, Al (Ian Midane) comes across a woman (Pandora Clifford) who is attempting to take down some of the paintings which adorn the walls of the Sutton Vale consulting room.

Al struggles to get her to stop as she claims to own them and needs them to clear her debts. Eventually. Karen and Bear (Dex Lee) get involved.

But who does own the paintings? Who is the woman? Why does she dislike Princess (Laura White) and Maeve? What, in short, is going on?

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