Did Micah and Emma Hernan from Selling Sunset date? Star gives update
29th April 2022

Selling Sunset Season 5: Official Netflix trailer

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Selling Sunset is back on Netflix and the fifth outing was the most dramatic yet. Plenty of new faces appeared as old agents said their goodbyes to The Oppenheim Group. Fans have fallen in love with restaurant owner and entrepreneur, Micah, who took a liking to Emma Hernan.

Did Micah and Emma Hernan from Selling Sunset ever date?

The latest season of the reality series brought Emma Hernan back for her second outing.

Having joined the LA-based real estate agency in season four, she quickly caught the attention of viewers.

The headstrong businesswoman was at the centre of the drama due to her ongoing feud with Christine Quinn.

In season five, she also came into the spotlight due to her chemistry with property developer, Micah.

He has been working on a home in Beverly Hills and now owns a mezcal restaurant.

He took Emma on a restaurant date as she was keen to get her famous empanadas on the menu.

The pair bonded over their love of family and passion for business.

Since the series was filmed, Emma told Entertainment Tonight she had “something special” with Micah.

She added: “We’re definitely still enjoying each other’s company.”

The real estate star clarified the pair have not defined their relationship.

Instead, they are taking things slowly as they are both based in different parts of the US.

She continued: “I’ve done the long-distance thing for so long that it would be nice to have a relationship where they’re in the same, at least, state.

“Obviously, it’s progressed a little bit [from where season five ends]. We’ve become closer.

“But it’s right about there. So, we’ll see. Maybe season six, there will be a label, a ring. Who knows?”

So it appears the pair are still very much keen on seeing where their relationship could go.

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For now, Emma is focused on her career, including running her business Emma Leigh & Co.

She said in the sixth season, she would be keen to showcase her other ventures.

As for Micah, he has not taken part in any interviews following the release of season five.

He is on Instagram and shared some professional shots of himself with the caption: “Get some professional photos they said.

“But why do I look so completely stunned, shocked, and confused in this first one.”

Pastatokimchi responded: “Hope you and Emma are still hanging out!”

Gemalymc said: “Stunned, shocked and confused that you and Emma don’t follow each other… I hope you’ll are together… she’s GORGEOUS.”

The entrepreneur opened Sagrado Mezcaleria and Kitchen in LA, serving fresh and authentic Mexican food.

Hopefully, fans will see more of his new venture in a new season of the hit Netflix series.

Selling Sunset seasons 1-5 are on Netflix now.

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