Did David Dobrik quit YouTube?
4th January 2021

DAVID Dobrik is one of the most popular YouTube stars with over 20million subscribers on his channel, along with millions of views per video.

However, the popular YouTube star hasn't posted a vlog on his channel since late April, leaving his fans wondering if he's quit vlogging altogether.

Did David Dobrik quit YouTube?

According to Dobrik, he quit YouTube momentarily due to the coronavirus pandemic, and said the quality of content will suffer given the circumstances.

"If I start posting during this quarantine, by default my content is going to be so watered down just because it's going to be me inside my house," Dobrik said on Steve O's Wild Ride podcast.

"I'd rather just quit cold turkey and stop until I'm able to create the videos I want to make exactly how I want, then I'll start again."

He explained to Jimmy Fallon, how he might return to YouTube soon.

“I knew that I couldn’t make the videos that I wanted to because a lot of my videos involve traveling or going out – especially a lot of random people, like interacting with strangers is a big part of my videos," Dobrik told Fallon.

"And I didn’t want to water down the videos and do them in my home. I actually set a goal for myself.

"There’s a bar down the street that we always go to, and once it’s reopened at full capacity, I will start making videos again.”

How much money does David Dobrik make a year?

Dobrik's has amassed a net worth of $15million, according to celebritynetworth.

Dobrik said he was getting an average of 16million views a month, and his check was "a little over $275,000."

He has over 20million subscribers as of 2020 and has accumulated over nine billion views since 2014.

In a day, the channel gets an average of seven million views across its videos, which should generate an estimate revenue of around $35,000 per day and $13million a year from ads that run on his videos.

Why did David Dobrik stop making vlogs?

Dobrik explained on Steve O's podcast how he's been staying home due to the pandemic, which makes it "impossible" to create contact with the usual members of his vlog squad.

He also said that he received some "serious backlash" when he uploaded his last vlog, where he went outside and saw his friends.

Who is David Dobrik's girlfriend?

The 24-year-old YouTube star is not currently dating anyone, however that hasn't stopped fans from speculating on a few of his close relationship.

Fans of Dobrik were convinced that he was dating longtime friend Natalie Mariduena or model Charlotte D'Alessio.

D'Alessio and Dobrik got cozy together in their perfume ad, which released on October 2.

“We made this video for this perfume, it was basically like we were on a date,” he explained to Access.

“I called Charlotte and said is this real, are we in a relationship? … No we’re not dating. I’m still single.”

Before the D'Alessio rumors, fans were convinced he was dating Mariduena, after the couple were spotted spending a lot of time together and sharing pictures together on their social media.

However, it turned out Mariduena was actually dating Dobrik's friend and vlog squad member Todd Smith.

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