Death in quad bike crash as Emmerdale storm causes more carnage?
16th October 2022

A raging storm that wreaks havoc across the village of Emmerdale and the wider area is the backdrop to a tense, drama-filled week of episodes to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary.

Before the wind really starts to pick up, Amelia (Daisy Campbell) has gone to meet Noah (Jack Downham) for a picnic in the countryside.

As the weather turns worse, she realises that she’s gone into labour and is having contractions. In a panic she rings her dad for help, but her phone dies before she can tell him exactly where she is.

Dan (Liam Fox) raises the alarm in the village, and Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) battles out into the storm to look for her, jumping on a quad bike to get there faster.

But with the wind now turning into a gale, the conditions are incredibly risky, with trees falling across the path and Harriet hardly able to see where she’s going.

Kim Tate (Claire King) also joins the search on horseback after Lydia (Karen Blick) interrupts the wedding party at Home Farm to ask for help in finding Amelia.

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As Kim rides into the storm she also struggles with the terrifying weather and then spots the tracks of Harriet’s quad bike leading into the woods and follows.

What will she find? Has Harriet had an accident?

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