David and Victoria Beckham win battle over lake at £6m Cotswolds home as council back them despite row with neighbours
8th January 2021

DAVID and Victoria Beckham's plans to build a huge lake with its own island at their £6m Cotswolds home have been approved by ecology officers, despite rows with their neighbours over the project. 

The couple have been backed by the council in the row – who say that the lake plan can go ahead as long as they don't use motorised boats on it. 

In August, the couple won approval for the huge lake at their Cotswolds home despite the plans angering two locals, who called it “ugly" and "out of keeping" with the rural area.

Then, the Beckhams submitted plans to make it even bigger with a land mass in the middle, which received two more objections. Now the local council's assistant biodiversity officer has approved the plans after initially being concerned about their “boating use”.

They say: "I understand that the justification for the amended design is to provide an aesthetic improvement as well as to further enhance the site for biodiversity. I consider this satisfactory.” 

Before adding: "It is important to ensure that there are restrictions on the boating use of the pond. I therefore recommend that a specific condition is applied that refers to the type of boats to be used on the water, such as restricting the use of speedboats. I would consider non-motorised boats, such as rowing boats, to be acceptable.”

Now the decision just needs to be rubber stamped by the council’s planning officer. 

Although not everyone is pleased with the aquatic overhaul of their Grade II-listed estate. 

One local complained: "I feel that his plan to enlarge the lake could increase the chances of flooding in the area considerably. Also, the lake looks just too large for the area it sits in. 

"It is out of keeping with the area and what is planned next? Motor boats zooming up and down and shattering the peace? it is just not on and should not be allowed."

Another neighbour wrote: "Inevitably, some form of boat/raft activity would be necessary to allow access to the island unless it the intention to wade/ swim/ pole-vault."

A third resident added: "We object to these plans for the following reasons – we were not notified about the planning application – where [and] when were these notices posted?

"We live very close to this new build site and object strongly to the siting of yet another new huge (4 metres deep) new lake – [nearby] Soho House already have 3."

Along with their lavish pad in London, the Beckhams spend most of their family time at the Cotswolds mansion, including sheltering there during the first national lockdown.

Posh and Becks own properties around the world including, a £20million apartment in a lavish Miami skyscraper, complete with its own helipad, luxury pool and gym.

Back in the UK, the family own a swanky seven-bedroom house in London's Holland Park, which they bought for £31.5million in 2013.

And they've previously bought two homes in Dubai – including one in the famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

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