'Darcey & Stacey': Florian Sukaj Walks Away From Stacey Silva and Her Friends
6th September 2020

Darcey and Stacey Silva have a brand-new series called Darcey & Stacey. The show is just getting started, and it’s already full of drama, especially surrounding Stacey’s fiancé, Florian Sukaj, and some images he appeared in with another woman on social media. Darcey, Stacey’s sister, found the images online, and it doesn’t seem like something Florian is going to be able to live down.

This week, Florian goes with Stacey to meet up with her friends for a drink, and the drama only ends when he gets up and walks away. Read on to learn more.

Darcey Silva finds pictures of Florian Sukaj and another woman

Florian is a fitness model from Albania, and he’s been with Stacey for about five years. They got engaged on their first trip together, and it seems like the relationship is strong. However, Darcey found some images of Florian online with another woman, and she isn’t the only one who wants answers about it. This week, Stacey’s father speaks with Florian about the images as well, and it even comes up when Florian meets Stacey’s friends.

Florian meets Stacey’s friends

Stacey takes Florian to meet her best friends, Debbie and Reina. They all hug each other. “Florian in the flesh is like so weird to me,” Reina says to the cameras. “It’s been so long. I see Stacey so happy, but I definitely have concerns about the pictures of Florian with that girl. I hope Florian’s trustworthy.”

They welcome him to America, and he’s asked about what he thinks so far and about the time difference. He says it isn’t a problem. They talk about the differences between the two countries. Reina mentions that the pictures of them online together are “awesome” and “they show a lot of love.” However, she makes another comment addressing the elephant in the room. “As long as Florian doesn’t have any other pics with anybody else,” she says. “Then we will be good.”

After that comment, everyone’s mood seems to change. Stacey didn’t know that they had seen the pictures, and she didn’t know it was going to get brought up. Stacey says she chooses to believe him, but Reina says she wants to hear it from him.

“Listen to me, I understand, I understand this looks more than bad,” Florian says. “Nobody perfect, you understand?”

Florian walks away from Stacey and her friends

Florian seems to be frustrated that everyone keeps asking him about these images. “Just everybody, all they care just for like the pictures,” Florian tells producers. “First I talk conversation with Stacey. Then with Darcey, with Mike, the dad. I don’t need like friends to question me for no reason. Stacey believed me.”

Reina says Florian needs to “pass the friend test.” He bangs his drink on the table, and shushes Reina. “I hate the questions,” he says. “I don’t f****** care for f****** answer, please. You don’t know me, OK?”

Florian is clearly getting upset, and everyone is doing their best to defuse the situation. “They’re not attacking you,” Stacey tells him. He suddenly gets up and walks away. “I’m not coming here blah blah blah, my goodness,” he tells Stacey. Florian leaves the table to go outside, and it’s unclear where things stand.

Can Stacey and Florian move on from the drama? Or will these problems continue to plague their relationship? Only time will tell.

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