Dancing On Ice’s Billie Shepherd avoided asking Gemma Collins for advice on show
12th January 2021

Billie Shepherd has said she avoided asking Gemma Collins for her tips ahead of her appearance on Dancing on Ice.

Ahead of the launch this Sunday, the former TOWIE star said she has not asked her co-star Gemma for advice after Gemma starred on the show last year and voiced publicly that she did not have the best time.

Billie, who also stars in Sam & Billie: The Mummy Diaries with her sister Sam, was asked whether she has approached Gemma for some prior wisdom.

She replied: "I do know Gemma but I haven’t reached out to her. I don’t know if I’d get from Gemma what I want to hear.

"I used to see her when she was training for it and she would say it was really hard and she was exhausted."

Billie continued: "I know it’s going to be really hard, I’m prepared for that. There are so many positives that I think I’m going to get from taking part."

Gemma famously pulled out of the final after judge Jason Gardiner called her a "refrigerator on ice".

A source told The Sun at the time: "Gemma is devastated, there's only so much she can take and Jason has bullied her for months – she's laughed it off and tried to rise above it but enough is enough – Dancing On Ice bosses should not be allowing it to carry on."

On her dancing skills, Billie said she does have "slight rhythm" as she learned a dance routine on her wedding day that was taught to her by a Pussycat Doll.

Billie said: "I have got slight rhythm and I did learn a routine for my wedding.

"It was fun, nothing serious and I was surprised at how quickly I picked that up.

"Kimberly Wyatt form The Pussy Cat Dolls taught us the routine and filmed it so we could watch it at home and practice."

Billie continued: "I watched it back and I thought my dancing looked ok, I didn’t do too bad and it was just on one session.

"My biggest weakness is definitely my nerves."

On why she's doing the show, she said: "It’s a personal challenge. I’ve never pushed myself out of my comfort zone, I’ve always done things in TV that I feel comfortable with and if something came in I’d rather miss the opportunity than push myself.

"I think it’s an opportunity I shouldn’t miss out on, I just had to go for it and do it and hopefully I’ll do well."

Dancing on Ice launches Sunday at 6pm on ITV.

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