Dancing on Ice Caprice hints she’s quit after ‘parting ways’ with partner Hamish
20th January 2020

Dancing on Ice presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield dropped the surprise news that Caprice would be "parting ways" with her professional skating partner Hamish Gaman during tonight's show.

Just minutes after the news was announced, the American businesswoman, model, actress and TV personality rushed to her Twitter account to, sort of, respond.

Fans were left "annoyed" after they were told little information by the presenters on why Caprice would not be skating during the live show.

But after liking viewers angry tweets the 48-year-old has hinted that there was more to come from the exit news, and she hinted that she may not return.

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She went on a liking spree as she hit the heart button on a number of fans tweets, including one that urged ITV to reveal the truth.

Out of the tweets she liked, one read: "So we're basically just ignoring Dancing on Ice now and waiting for Dancing on Ice to give us more Caprice info, yeah?"

Another wrote: "Dancing on Ice stupid announcement – more info please regarding Caprice and Hamish.

"Surely you must have anticipated the reaction when you only give half a story."

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One more tweeted: "Extremely worried about Lady Caprice being absent on Dancing on Ice. I hope that she reconsiders her decision.

"She and Hamish were excellent together. They looked destined to win this."

Another tweet she liked read: "Caprice you've 'parted company' with Hamish what happened?"

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Caprice didn't respond herself but the series of tweets she liked seemed to say it all.

Dancing On Ice airs Sundays at 6pm on ITV.

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