Dan Wootton erupts as GB News guest claims UK is ‘racist’ for Ukrainian refugee treatment
15th March 2022

GB News: Panel discusses if Putin will use nuclear weapons

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Dan Wootton’s panel for his Monday GB News slot consisted of Carole Malone, Benjamin Butterworth and Esther Krakue. As the panel discussed Brits offering their homes to Ukrainians, Dan furiously hit out at Benjamin for suggesting the UK’s reaction to the Russia-Ukraine war is “racist”.

Dan began: “The irony that the [Government] is spending thousands of pounds a month to house in posh hotels illegal refugees who are coming over on the small boats…”

Interrupting, Esther remarked: “Migrants not refugees.”

“Sorry, they’re economic migrants and Esther’s completely right to pick me up on that,” Dan said. 

Benjamin argued: “The fact that everyone and much of the country is saying, ‘We want Ukrainian refugees’ shows the racism in this country. 

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