‘Critters’ Is Getting A Reboot And It Starts Filming Next Month
15th December 2018

Syfy appears to be gearing up to be heavy-hitters in the ongoing horror revival.

Critters is a horror film about an Earth invasion by a group of tiny, furry, alien-monsters who are anything but cuddly. Generally associated with being a more violent version of Gremlins, the franchise has been dormant for nearly 30 years.

Apparently, that’s all about to change.

Originally Verizon was set to play host to a new Critters television series. However since the collapse of their video streaming app, go90, Critters: A New Binge has officially collapsed beneath the weight of the failed app. That said, Critters isn’t defunct. It’s not even in danger of being stuck in limbo or fading off into obscurity. In fact, filmmakers are apparently ready to start filming a feature-length reboot next week.

Syfy is bringing horror fans the upcoming movie which is currently titled Critters, according to a report by Dread Central. Produced by Adam Friedlander (Leprechaun Returns), Critters is set to be released in 2019, though no release date has officially been announced.

The first Critters movie was released in 1986 and starred Dee Wallace. It received a number of sequels. Critters 2, which was released in 1988, Critters 3 followed in 1991, but 1992’s Critters 4 was the last time audiences saw anything from the franchise. While none of the sequels were as well-received by horror audiences as the original, Critters maintains a devoted cult-following.

Rumors of further sequels, remakes, reboots, and televisions series adaptations have been rumored about for decades, but until recently, nothing concrete has ever materialized.

The premise of the upcoming remake also has yet to be revealed, but the original followed a family who lives on a farm and comes to realize their property has become home base for a race of killer fur balls. Often referred to as “Critters,” due to the title of the film, the monsters in the movie are actually named The Crites, as dubbed by a pair of intergalactic bounty hunters charged with the task of hunting down and stopping the tiny, blood-thirsty aliens.

After the success of shows like Channel Zero, Syfy appears to be moving further into the horror movie business, which is currently booming. 2019 is already scheduled to see the release of more than ten major horror films, including It: Chapter 2 and Pet Sematary.

Critters isn’t the only classic horror movie receiving a reboot in the near-future. Jordan Peele recently co-wrote a script for the 1992 Clive Barker-based horror film Candyman and Michael Myers also returned to the big screen last October with the first Halloween franchise entry in nine years.

Anyone looking for major scares going into 2019 may well be satiated by this time next year, as horror is officially back on the menu.

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