Courtney Act reveals she blacked out after downing tequila, vodka and gin as she lifts lid on boozy Celeb Karaoke Club
15th November 2020

BEFORE launching a career in drag as Courtney Act, Shane Jenek grew up believing he should be ashamed about being "queer".

Forging his own path, the 38-year-old Australian is now one of television's biggest drag stars.

After finding fame on Australia Idol, Courtney has been unstoppable.

Best known from RuPaul's Drag Race and bring crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother in February 2018, she has now fulfilled a life-long dream to perform in the West End in brand new killer comedy, Death Drop.

Launching on December 3 at the Garrick Theatre, Courtney will star alongside Monét X Change and a full drag cast.

It's the first time Courtney will be back in her six-inch stilettos ready to entertain crowds since spending months in lockdown.

"I've been doing a lot of digital drag where you're just in drag from the t**s up," laughed Courtney, in an exclusive interview with The Sun.

"I haven't worn heels all year and haven't tucked all year, so they're the things I'm not looking forward to – wearing heels and removing body hair."

Courtney Act will play the role of 80s pop sensation Shazza in front of a
socially-distanced theatre audience this festive season.

She added: “I can’t wait to get back onto a stage in front of real people this Christmas and I especially can’t wait to make my West End debut in Death Drop.

"It’s such a hilarious show and it’s just what we all need after months of being locked away.

"It's an opportunity to just leave the world outside and have a good night at the theatre.

"There are a couple of musical numbers, but its not a musical. It's going to be a lot of fun."

Courtney's had the opportunity to rehearse her vocals for opening night this summer after taking part in ITV2's Celebrity Karaoke Club.

Scarlett Moffatt, Jessica Wright and David Potts were among the stars to compete.

Lifting the lid on the boozy behaviour on set, Courtney revealed she blacked out after downing tequila, vodka and gin while filming.

"We were all in a Covid bubble and because of that we served our own drinks," said Courtney.

"We had all been locked inside for so long so we started doing tequila shots.

"Once I do a shot, I black out, I don't remember, I have no memory.

"We were all in a WhatsApp group and asked 'does anybody remember what they sang or what they were wearing, who the guest was' and nobody could remember anything!

"We just genuinely all had no memory of what was going on because we were doing shots of tequila.

"And when the bottle was empty, we moved on to the next bottle. Sometimes we'd have to move from the tequila to the vodka or the gin or the rum! 

"That's why David [Potts] is such a good ibiza party girl because he knows how to have a good time!

"I went home with the fear and I had to wait until it was on television each week.

"There was a few weeks where I was like the fear was justified."

And if all that wasn't enough, fans can see Courtney back on TV for the second series of Celebrity Supply Teacher with stars including Gemma Collins.

She'll be delivering a class on mental well-being to teach kids about kindness, acceptance and celebrating difference.

Courtney said: "At first I was a bit nervous because I've grown up in a world that told me that being queer wasn't appropriate for children and then I realised exactly why I should be doing Celebrity Supply Teacher.

"Those stories need to be retold and getting asked to do it is an honour.

"I love it so much and I wish I had that on telly when I was growing up.

"It's so important for young people, not just young queer people, to see themselves reflected back.

"Also for everybody to hear different stories and to foster empathy and understand that whoever you are, you're valid. It's just a fun and important conversation."

  • Death Drop – the Dragatha Christie Murder Mystery is at the Garrick Theatre from December 4 until January 17. For tickets, click here.

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