Countryfile fans fume ‘I’m off’ over clothing special
26th February 2023

Countryfile: Ellie refers to Alfred Wainwright as Arthur

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During the latest episode of Countryfile, Ellie Harrison celebrated the 70th anniversary of the first recorded summit of Mount Everest. The BBC presenter went to Kettering where she put outdoor gear to the test with the world’s most advanced materials and research. Ellie also delved into the Countryfile archives, which looked back at some of the presenter’s most challenging weather moments.

Introducing the show, Ellie began: “Unpredictable weather can make it hard to know what to put on when we head out into the countryside.

“And sometimes we get it wrong, so how do we choose what clothing to wear? And what happens to our bodies when we’re exposed to extremes?”

She went on to say: “It’s 1953 and our late Queen Elizabeth II is about to be crowned.

“During the jubilant celebrations reports arrive of the first recorded ascent of Everest.

“As crowds gather to watch the young royal progress to Westminster Abbey, it’s announced that seasoned explorers Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay had reached the highest point on Earth, taking 16 days to ascend the mountain where temperatures can plummet to minus 70 degrees Celsius.

“All the more remarkable when you consider the gear available at the time.

“In fact, that technology has moved on so much that today’s materials will be unrecognisable to Hillary and Norgay.

“And the research is still ongoing, as I am about to find out.”

She later added: “I’m pushing outdoor clothing to the limit with a series of punishing tests.”

After visiting a clothing factory where she tried making her own walking boots, the presenter cut to a previous clip of Helen Skelton in 2020, when she tried her hand at rock climbing.

However, just minutes into the episode, fans took to social media to complain about the special clothing show.

Others claimed to “switch off” following the repeated segments from the show.

Nigel Rollings fumed: “Oh great. I rush around to be ready for #countryfile, only to find out that it’s going to be another sodding ‘greatest hits’ episode.”

Twitter user @doesitsay raged: “#countryfile Clothing. It’s a bit of a stretch to fit under Countryfile’s umbrella surely.” (sic)

While @cazzerbooth added: “#countryfile has pretty much become #TheOneShow but in cagoules and wellies.” (sic)

“Clipshow klaxon #countryfile,” @explodingwalrus said while @SportingLife19 pleaded: “#countryfile needs a new title! Depressing.”

Mags asked: “Why have we got repeats this week? #countryfile.”

User @doesitsaySorry said: “#countryfile clips and boots on a robot. I’m off.

Ellen Reddy complained: “@BBCCountryfile how many more repeats can we expect tonight. Not worth watching.”

Other viewers seemed to enjoy the clothing special, with user @PickwickLTSA tweeting: “Enjoying Sunday evening @BBCCountryfile – tonight’s feature is a good one to help our children with their enquiry ‘how can science help the vulnerable?’ @PickwickTrust @lightinguplearn #learning #mountainexplorers #avoidwetfeet

Countryfile returns on Sunday at 6pm on BBC One.

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