Corrie’s Ellie Leach: ‘I’m excited for the fitness side of Strictly – I want to feel more confident in my outfits’
18th September 2023

Grab your dancing shoes, dust off your glitter balls and start practising the tango – Strictly Come Dancing 2023 is finally here.

This year's line-up includes a whole host of famous faces, including Coronation Street's very own Ellie Leach, best known for her iconic character Faye Windass.

The 22-year-old appeared on the cobble streets between 2011 and 2023 and starred in some unforgettable storylines, such as being fostered by Anna and Eddie Windass and falling pregnant at 13.

But now the star is ready to swap her acting role for a dancing one and is set to waltz across the floor and give her best salsa moves.

One thing Faye is most looking forward to though is the 'fitness' side of the competition and admitted her goal is to actually enjoy the routines given to her.

And, of course, no Strictly show is without the glitz and game, something the actress also revealed she's looking forward to.

Why do you want to take part in the show this year?

Well, I've always wanted to do Strictly, always! Ever since I was younger, I've been obsessed with dancing and watching dancing. I used to do tap and ballet when I was younger, but I'm not trained. I think just coming out of Coronation Street, it's amazing to have a new experience and do something that I have never done before.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

I think for me maybe the live aspect just because I've never done that before. Obviously, when I did Coronation Street its pre- recorded and I think the live situation is a bit scary, but I'm excited. Again, it's something different, so I'm excited to experience that.

How do you feel about being Strictly-fied?

I can't wait, I cannot wait! Give me the tan, give me the sequins, give me the make-up the hair, the glitter, everything. That's the best part about it.

Are there any memorable or sound of moments for you from previous series?

Oh, that's a good question. I think probably most people say this, but when Rose danced that for me was utterly unbelievable. When I was watching her, I couldn't even gasp for breath, I was like ‘Oh my God’ It’s amazing!’ She was so beautiful, like the way that she danced was just amazing. I love that she was just like; this is me and this is what I do, this is my life and you are going to see it.

Do you have any previous dance experience?

Yes, so, I did tap, ballet and street dance when I was younger. But I'm in no way shape or form, trained in Ballroom or Latin. I wish I was because that would be amazing. But no, I'm not. I've always been interested in dancing and when I was younger, I always used to watch Step Up and Street Dance and Fame. I've always enjoyed watching dance films and videos of people dancing. So, I'm excited to get my dancing shoes on and do it!

How are you preparing for the show?

Well, I have been going to the gym actually, but I hate it so much! I wish that I could be one of those gym girlies, but I want to feel more confident in my outfits and I want to feel more confident in the dancing. I want to be able to be fit enough to get through a routine so I'm of excited for the fitness side of it, and I have put a bit of fake tan on just to see if it suits me. I'm just looking forward to getting going!

Have you had any advice from anyone who has done the show before?

Kym Marsh, who did Strictly last year, was just like you're going have the best time. Dancing wise she didn't give me any advice but she was like, you will have the absolute best time of your life like it's the most amazing experience.

Do you know any of your fellow 2023 contestants?

I know Adam Thomas, I have known him for a long time because he’s really close to my cousin. I kind of grew up with them and when I was younger, I was with Adam and his brothers Ryan and Scott at lot. I feel like he's going to look after me. Although, I might be looking after him!

Who do you think is your biggest competition?

Amanda is a dark horse. I know it for a fact. I was watching and I was like ‘Oh my God, you're so good’.

Do you have your eye on the glitterball?

I mean, you'd be silly not to have your eye on the glitterball. I mean, for me, winning is great, but it's always the taking part that counts. I'm just really excited to have fun but obviously to win would be amazing, an absolute dream come true, but also, being part of this journey is already a dream come true. So, I'm really excited to kind of just ride the wave and see where I end up.

Do you have any signature dance moves you always do at parties?

When I was on the radio the other day, I was asked if have any moves or anything? Tell me why I said the worm?! They were like ‘Do it on the floor now’ so I did and the presenter was like, ‘Oh my God, we're going on a night out, and you have to you have to show me the worm in the flesh!’. I did, when I went to Copenhagen, it was awful, it was in this horrible, sweaty club. This guy did the worm on the floor and he thought that he was the only person that could do that and I was like wait a second, everyone part ways, it's my turn!

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