Corrie villain Harvey ‘exposed’ as Sam’s ‘real dad’ while fans twig DNA twist
17th October 2022
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    Coronation Street villain Harvey Gaskell could be exposed as Sam Blakeman's dad as fans reckon they've cracked a huge DNA twist.

    Harvey, played by Will Mellor, made an epic return to the soap on Monday (October 17) as Leanne headed to visit him in prison – and he seemed just as threatening as ever.

    Leanne immediately launched into a tirade at the killer over Natasha's death, telling him he'd "ruined" her son Sam's life and insisting she'll hire a solicitor to bring him up on stalking charges if he keeps in contact.

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    But Harvey left her stunned as he replied: "You'd better tell that to Sam, about the stalking. That's his name, isn't it? The kid whose life I ruined?"

    He confessed: "He's been writing me letters, loads of letters. About three or four a week for a month or so. It feels like he's just doing it to wind me up."

    But now fans think Harvey could have an even closer connection to Sam – spotting a clue in his words about "ruining his life", perhaps first by abandoning him at birth.

    He yelled at Leanne to "tell that weird kid to stop sending me letters!" as she opened up about the trauma Sam went through after his mum's death.

    Sam suffered from selective mutism and PTSD after Natasha was shot and he saw her body in the funeral parlour.

    Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "Why do I feel like Harvey will turn out to be Sam’s real dad in #Corrie and not Nick?"

    They added: "I’m not even sure how it would work but I just feel like he’s going to drop a bombshell on Leanne…"

    More fans, however, were more distracted by Will Mellor's current Strictly Come Dancing stint, as they were shocked to see him on another show.

    One penned: "Wonder if Harvey will give us a sneak peek of Saturday's dance he'll be doing?"

    "The big question is will Harvey do a twirl when he gets up to walk off?" someone else joked.

    As another fan gushed: "I have missed Harvey, Will Mellor is still gorgeous!"

    "Leanne finding out about the letters – what does Sam write in these letters to Harvey 'what dance are you doing on Strictly this week?', maybe?" a fourth couldn't resist quipping.


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