Corrie star Melissa Johns slams body shaming after naked pictures hack
20th April 2022

Coronation Street's Imogen Pascoe

Former Coronation Street star Melissa Johns has been speaking about the ordeal she experienced that saw her phone hacked.

In 2018, Melissa’s iCloud was hacked which caused explicit photos of her to be released online.

Now, the actress has created a one-women show that champions female sexuality and explores sex and disability.

She initially pitched the idea to The Lowry theatre in 2019, but just like many other events, it was delayed because of Coronavirus.

‘For me the worst thing was to be seen without any clothes on and that’s exactly what happened’, Melissa said as she reflected on her hacking ordeal to Manchester Evening News.

‘If this does happen to someone else, I want them to feel angry that it happened, but I don’t want them to feel ashamed about their body. The last thing I want is for them to feel ashamed.’

‘I had two choices. It was either hide away and pretend it didn’t happen, or for it to be a catalyst to speak out about sl*t shaming and body shaming.’

Melissa, who played Kate Connor’s ex-girlfriend Imogen Pascoe in the ITV soap, also created a BBC Radio 4 drama called In My Own Skin back in 2018, which highlighted her experiences of phone hacking.

Melissa’s show, Snatched, comes to Salford on May 13 and May 14 before heading to the Soho Theatre in London.

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