Corrie Jon’s secret identity ‘sealed’ as fans unveil DNA link to ‘sibling’ Emma
13th April 2022

Coronation Street’s Jon Spear and Emma Brooker could be related in a rather sinister way – as eagle-eyed fans reckon they’ve uncovered a key DNA link between them.

ITV Corrie fans have been suspicious of Jon since he whisked Emma off her feet after his grandfather Ted’s funeral – and the pair soon found themselves ensconced in a hotel room before going indoor skydiving.

His suggestion they both emigrate to Australia after just a few weeks of knowing each other saw Emma agree almost immediately, leaving fans concerned Jon was ‘lovebombing’ his new girlfriend.

But now things could have gone a step further, as fans now think they’ve uncovered a rather sinister DNA connection between Emma and Jon.

And they could actually be twins.

It makes sense – when Emma first appeared on the cobbles, it came as a shock to everyone that she was actually Steve McDonald’s long-lost daughter, born to Fiona Middleton.

A DNA test confirmed it after some viewers worried she could actually be related to Liz’s former flame Jim instead of Steve.

But could Fiona have actually welcomed twins instead?

Taking to Facebook, one keen fan wrote: "I bet it will come out that Fiona and Steve had twins and she kept Emma and put the boy up for adoption, he will end up being her long-lost twin brother!"

Another fan quickly agreed: "I have been saying that I bet they are brother and sister."

Someone else guessed: "Could they end up being related? Get all of us… rewriting a happy ending into a bad one!"

"They are going to turn out as half brother and sister," a fourth social media user penned.

Another red flag comes as Jon refused to bring out his passport when meeting Steve and Tracy – and could only offer a library card or gym membership, despite jetting off to Australia later that day.

Fans have taken it as another key sign that Jon could be lying about his identity.

One Reddit user theorised: "Something unnecessarily suspicious about Jon on Friday.

"Now, I don't think there is a plot involving Jon being dodgy as he met Emma by chance HOWEVER…

"When Steve and Tracey were quizzing him, he offered I.D in the form of a Library Card or Gym Membership. Two non photo forms of ID that, I imagine, would be easier to falsify than most. Why didn't he offer his passport?

"He must have had it to hand as he was on his way to Australia. It was unnecessarily shifty to have him offer questionable I.D. Even a bank card or social media would have been a better option."

But could he be manipulating Emma to get his own back for her role in his grandfather’s death?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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