Corrie bombshell as Tim Metcalfe tells Sally he slept with Gina on Christmas Day
11th December 2018

Tim Metcalfe is set to have a truly hellish nightmare before Christmas as he wakes up in bed with his wife’s sister.

Over the past month, Coronation Street viewers have watched in frustration as an oblivious Tim has allowed himself to be manipulated by Gina and believe that poor Sally did have an affair.

And Tim will finally realise the extent of her infatuation when they end up in bed together on Christmas Eve after a boozy night.

Initially he is unsure about what exactly happened and just as he sets off to visit Sally in prison Faye tells him she saw him in bed with Gina.

Tim is horrified and tells Gina he is disgusted he had sex with her.

"Tim is utterly devastated that he has done something like this. He can’t believe it," actor Joe Duttine, who plays Tim, says. "There will be a lovely little thing with Faye where he breaks down about it. The thing about Sally and Tim is that they’re monogomous, they love each other and are loyal to each other.

"They don’t go off and have affairs – there are other things they can do with those characters. So he’s utterly devastated to think that he has cheated on his wife, as mad as she is."

He added: “I don’t know how a family would overcome a man sleeping with his wife’s sister.”

Joe added: “It’s a very eventful Christmas Day in the Metcalfe household – it’s not the happiest. But it’s going to be good viewing.”

Meanwhile Sally is left heartbroken that Tim failed to show up for visiting and continues to struggle in prison.

Sophie is furious when she discovers what has happened between Tim and Gina, but he insists that he will confess the truth to Sally but doubts his marriage will be able to survive.

On Christmas Day, he musters up the courage to visit Sally in prison and drops the shocking bombshell that he slept with Gina.

"He can’t keep a lie, how can you do that? So he just throws caution

to the wind and goes to tell her on Christmas Day," Joe reveals, but adds that Tim doesn’t expect Sally to forgive him: "I think it’s pretty unforgivable, isn’t it?"

And it all comes crashing down for Gina when Sophie meets up with Duncan, who confirms she has met with him and that she is in love with Tim.

A shocked Sophie then interrupts Christmas dinner as she tells everyone that Gina has secretly been meeting up with Duncan. Gina then admits her feelings for Tim.

After the Metcalfes’ shocking Christmas, Tim vows to fight for Sally and get a damning confession from Duncan and is very much on her side.

After the Metcalfes’ shocking Christmas, Tim vows to fight for Sally and get a damning confession from Duncan – something he is prepared to go "to the wire" for.

"He pushes it a little bit," Joe says. "I know he’s had a bit of a checkered past but I don’t think he’s a deliberate law breaker. It’s a crime of passion almost, isn’t it?"

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