Coronation Street’s Eileen Grimshaw overjoyed by George’s gesture
16th December 2022

Coronation Street's Harriet Bibby on fan theories

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Last year, Eileen Grimshaw (played by Sue Cleaver) was horrified when her partner surprised her with a funeral plan for Christmas. It was hardly the festive treat she was hoping for an this year George (Tony Maudsley) does all he can to try and impress the Coronation Street icon. He goes to a lot of effort to surprise Eileen but will it be worth it?

Soap spoilers for Coronation Street revealed Glenda (Jodie Prenger), Sean (Antony Cotton) and Mary (Patti Clare) interrogate George, wanting to know what present he’s got for Eileen after the funeral plan debacle last Christmas.

When Laurence offers to help Eileen find a new sofa George tries to quash the idea.

He explains he’s bought a new sofa for Eileen as a surprise Christmas present.

George enlists their help in getting rid of the old one as he wants to improve Eileen’s home.

Helping George out, Glenda reveals she can no longer go carol singing, leaving Mary in the lurch.

She asks Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) to step in and he’s thrilled to be part of the carol service.

Mary is still unaware of Brian’s feelings for her but viewers will see him gazing fondly at her.

Meanwhile, George is still trying to sort out Eileen’s Christmas present and he bans her from returning home.

She’s confused by his instructions but George insists it’s so her Christmas surprise isn’t ruined as he is waiting for it to be delivered.

Eileen is impressed to hear just how much trouble George has gone to.

But, when she learns he has bought her a new sofa instead of something more romantic, will she still be impressed?

Elsewhere on the street, Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) will be violently attacked in the New Year but Griff and his cronies.

Spider has spent the past few months working as an undercover police officer and trying to expose Griff as an extremist.

However, it looks as though he might be exposed himself as Griff ordered Spider to meet at his flat.

Griff doubts Spider’s loyalty and deliberately misleads him about his plans for Weatherfield.

Spider gets an urgent text from Max Turner and rushes to see the youngster.

However, he is met by Griff, who is wilding a crowbar and knocks him out cold.

Spider is left fighting for his life and taken out of action just as Griff plans something big.

Will Spider be able to expose the extremist or will it be too late?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 8pm.

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