Coronation Street’s Alexandra Mardell reveals Emma Brooker’s dad’s death mirrored her own heartbreaking family tragedy – The Sun
29th October 2019

CORRIE star Alexandra Mardell has revealed her character's Emma Brooker losing her dad had heartbreaking echoes to her own family tragedy.

The 26-year-old actress lost her own father Michael in 2016 when he suffered a heart attack aged just 54.

Ali told OK! magazine: "It’s very strange doing a storyline that happened to you in real life.

"I guess it’s made me a stronger person. I miss my dad loads, but time is a healer and you’ve got to keep going and think of the good times. We were very close. I was a daddy’s girl."

Ali added that she kept soap bosses in the dark about how the storyline mirrored her own life when they pitched her the plot.

"I didn’t talk about it as I just wanted to do the storyline how I would any other," she said. "But when they found out, they were really supportive."

In shocking scenes that aired on the ITV soap back in August, hairdresser Emma discovered that the man who brought her up wasn't actually her biological father.

And in another twist, she learned at his funeral that her real dad was Steve McDonald, played by Simon Gregson.

Steve had a relationship with Emma's mum Fiona Middleton (Angela Griffin) and she had Emma without him knowing.

Ali says that her own experiences helped her when it came to filming the scenes were she lost the man she believed was her dad.

She revealed: "If it has happened to you it’s easier to understand it. Luckily, because of my friends and family, I had the time to properly grieve so it didn’t bring me down when I had to revisit those emotions. I could just do the job and go home."

She continued: "I wasn’t sad about my dad because I’d dealt with it. My dad wouldn’t want me to get down again, and it’s my job. You play the part and carry on."

Ali won Best Newcomer at the British Soap Awards earlier this year.

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