Coronation Street villain Stephen to be ‘brought down’ by Carla in factory twist
18th February 2023

Coronation Street fans have are convinced that Stephen Reid will be brought down by Carla Connor, believing she will uncover the truth about his villainous acts in a twist at the factory.

Fans of the ITV soap watched in horror as Stephen entered the Underworld office and slipped LSD into Carla's coffee, before spiking her red wine with another vial of the drug later in the evening.

Peter Barlow later took Carla home after she was not feeling well, telling him: "I feel disjointed. Do I look weird? My head feels like it weighs a tonne," with Peter worrying that her psychosis had returned.

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Stephen had concocted a vile plan to take over the factory by convincing those around Carla that she was suffering from psychosis once more – and even broke into her office to delete a meeting with Dick Haversham and muddle up her paperwork to make it appear that she is struggling.

However, Coronation Street fans think that Carla will expose Stephen's villainous crimes once and for all, after they pointed out that his actions would have been caught on the CCTV in the factory.

One said: "Think Stephen has forgotten there’s CCTV in the factory."

"Surely the CCTV (if there is any, there bloody should be) in the pub just captured, Stephen, spiking, Carla's, drink," agreed a second.

They also suspect that Carla will be the one to find the footage and will 'put two and two together' as she 'works out' that she felt unwell straight after taking the cup of tea from Stephen.

"I hope this storyline between Stephen and Carla doesn't drag, cause I can't stand it when Carla is on the losing side. Just hope she brings him down. It's time for the Canadian's downfall," added a third.

A fourth said: "Stephen makes Carla a cuppa, then the next minute she's 'feeling off'. I'd be putting two and two together straightaway with that one, if I were Carla."

"Remember back when Carla was discussing how off she felt about Stephen to Peter and Ken? Wish she'd have followed her gut, cause she wasn't wrong was she…" penned a fifth.

However, fans have also flocked to social media to question why Peter and Carla's friends have not already worked out that Stephen is behind Carla's illness – especially after he spoke to Sarah Barlow about Carla's psychosis.

"I don't get why Peter didn't just take Carla to the hospital to get checked over straight away when folk noticed she didn't look right," asked one fan.

"No but why has no one questioned why Stephen immediately jumps to psychosis after she has one-off afternoon? Right after talking about with Sarah and after she’s annoyed him?" agreed another.

A third added: "Given that Sarah has been having the exact conversation about Carla’s psychosis with Stephen, why can’t they work it out? Co-incidence right."

Will Carla be the one to expose Stephen's crimes? Or will one of her close friends work out the truth? Viewers will have to wait and see.

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