Coronation Street theory: Summer Spellman vanishes from cobbles in terrifying twist
21st June 2022

Coronation Street: Summer is sick after taking selfie

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Summer (played by Harriet Bibby) has been trying to get her head around having type one diabetes whilst also trying to revise for her A-Level exams in recent weeks on Coronation Street. After an unfortunate cheating scandal ensured she would not be going to university, the youngster’s plans for the future have changed dramatically. However, in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, she begins to distract herself from the stresses of everyday life, only to realise she cannot escape her diagnosis forever.

The drama continues in next week’s episodes as Summer prepares to go on holiday with her new boyfriend, Aaron Sandford (James Carven).

Having both got type one diabetes and having both suffered from an eating disorder because of their diagnosis, they believe they should know how the other feels.

Therefore, a holiday to Spain should be easy to organise but it seems it is harder for Summer than she first thought as she says she would rather focus on looking at tourist attractions.

Not feeling confident in her body, she tells her partner she doesn’t want to wear a bikini on a beach and he is sympathetic to her thoughts.

When he explains to her they’ve managed to get a free water sports session with their holiday, he realises this is making his girlfriend uneasy also.

Knowing they would have to wear extremely tight wetsuits, Summer says she is not ready to feel so vulnerable and exposed.

However, having shot down many of his ideas so far, the youngster tells Aaron she is going to see the water sports as a personal challenge for her to overcome.

The newcomer is pleased to hear his girlfriend is being so positive and it seems the pair are finally on the same page about their holiday.

Unfortunately, Summer is struggling privately as when she’s on her own, the extent of her problems is clear to see.

As she runs her hands down her body, she hates the shape and needing to take action, she tips away her insulin as she believes it is ruining her image.

She feels very alone

Harriet Bibby

In recent months, Summer has done this consistently and it has caused her to have hyper attacks, where her blood sugar levels are too high for her body to cope with.

As the holiday draws nearer, however, Summer could react differently this time as her thoughts begin to plague her mind.

Needing to get away but not wanting anywhere to know where she has gone until her thoughts have calmed down, she could vanish into thin air.

Neither Aaron, her friends nor her family would have any idea where she is gone and a huge search would begin to find her.

It becomes a matter of urgency as they realise Summer doesn’t have her insulin on her and they know she will be seriously ill.

Will they manage to find her in time or will heartache be on the horizon as they realise the youngster is gone forever?

The actress who plays Summer, Harriet, has spoken out about taking on this storyline and how important it is to raise awareness.

Harriet explained: “It is really interesting, I think with any chronic illness it does also become a mental health issue as you have to cope with life-changing aspects.

“In a show like Coronation Street, the conflict often happens between a group of people or two people, whereas with this story it’s all happening in Summer’s head, the conflict is within.

“So at times it’s been quite difficult, any anger, annoyance is not with someone else it’s at herself and that can be quite hard to play.”

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“She feels very alone like she’s floundering a bit,” Harriet continued.

On what she would like to see happen for her character in the future, the soap star said: “I just hope that she gets a little bit of a break.

“A bit of happiness and that sigh of relief, whether she does well in her A-levels and it all turns out ok in the end or whether she decides actually I don’t want to do this and makes a different choice that she knows she will be happy with.”

Discussing being an actress as part of this storyline, Harriet added: “To be given the opportunity to do it has been amazing.

“To challenge me as an actor as well, to be able to have this conflict happening within your head is really great,” she told

“I’m just glad we’ve been able to tell the story and again represent people that might not have felt seen before,” she said.

Taking to Twitter, viewers have been sharing their thoughts on the youngster’s current struggles, with Brit in Florida writing: “@itvcorrie #Corrie Summer doesn’t want to go university…Bet she gets a job at the factory! (Everyone works at the factory).”

Bernadine posted: “Do we think the next Summer storyline is going to be a holiday pregnancy?”

Demelcy commented on the social media platform: “Where’s Summer and Aaron got money for a holiday and they’ve only been out about twice!?! #Corrie.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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