Coronation Street theory: Cathy Matthews’ exit rumbled in heartbreaking Brian twist
1st June 2022

Corrie: Melanie Hill reveals what’s next for Cathy Matthews

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Cathy (played by Melanie Hill) has become one of the most beloved characters on Coronation Street over the past seven years and even more so because of her comical romance with Brian Packham (Peter Gunn). The pair have been featuring less and less after Cathy was accused of being an internet troll last year, which almost cost her relationship with her other half. However, it has been confirmed the ITV soap cobbles resident will be moving on in the coming weeks and she could end up parting ways with her man as he makes a big mistake.

The drama begins in next week’s episodes of the weeknight serial drama as Cathy believes she is going to be going on a romantic date.

With Brian having not shown her much affection in recent months, she thinks he is finally turning over a leaf and is no longer upset at the prospect of them not moving to Cornwall.

Having told his other half to get dressed up, Brian leads Cathy into the Rovers Return for what she believes is a starter to the main event.

What she doesn’t realise is this is the date night he promised and they are going to be tasting local beers, with the evening hosted by Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews).

More than deflated, the beloved Weatherfield resident could start to contemplate whether she wants to continue with their relationship.

If she decides they need to split up, she could take this as her chance to leave the cobbles and start a new chapter of her life elsewhere.

Apart from her nephew Alex Warner (Liam Bairstow) still working at the café, her friend Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) living around the corner and Gemma Winter (Daisy-Rose Campbell), she has no real ties to Weatherfield such as job prospects or a house.

She knows she would be able to keep in contact with her friends and family but knowing Brian is around every corner would be hard.

Having found a flat to rent a few streets away, the beloved character could pack her bags and tell her loved ones they are always welcome to visit.

But it would be time for her to expand her horizons a little bit and see what else Manchester has to offer her.

It’s not been an easy thing to decide

Melanie Hill

It was confirmed last month by the actress who plays Cathy, Melanie, that she would be hanging up her character’s shoes later this year.

The soap star explained: “It’s not been an easy thing to decide.

“My family has been important but the pandemic has made a lot of people think about the future. It has changed a lot of things in my head.

“You’ve just got to see what’s important to you. I absolutely love everybody but it’s made me think about my family a lot and what the priorities are in my life.”

Melanie also confirmed it doesn’t mean her character is gone for good and she could still make a trip to the cobbles.

“I won’t say where Cathy goes but I’m a stone’s throw away from Weatherfield,” she told The Mirror, hinting her character could move just around the corner.

“I’m flattered and grateful. You never know what’s around the corner there, so let’s see what happens,” the actress said.

The actress also teased it could be the end of Cathy and Brain as there were some “emotional” scenes coming up for the pair.

Melanie added: “They’ve written some really nice stuff for Peter and I, and my nephew Alex. It’s pretty emotional.

“The story shows middle-aged people who really do care about each other but it’s not quite working out. I think it’s really realistic.”

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John Whiston, head of ITV in the North, addressed the actress’s departure and commented: “Cathy has been a fantastic Corrie character.

“Whether that’s leaving us in fits of laughter or breaking our hearts as, yet again, Brian doesn’t live up to her romantic expectations.

“We’re sad Melanie is taking time away – she is such a skilled actress that she can deliver sadness and laughter, drama and comedy often in the same scene.

“We will all miss her hugely.”

Taking to Twitter, viewers have also been sharing their thoughts on the character’s exit, but will they be even more heartbroken if it leads to a split between Cathy and Brian?

Darrenn posted: “Gutted it’s been confirmed that @melaniejhil is leaving #corrie Cathy is an underused character.”

Script to Scene wrote: “I wish Melanie Hill the best for the future because she’s a much better actor than the opportunities she was given as Cathy on #Corrie.”

Corrie Nation shared: “First tweet has to be about how sad I am to hear the underused Cathy is leaving! Melanie Hill will be missed! #Corrie.”

Foxy Lady added on the social media platform: “#corrie awww bye Cathy. Shame we didn’t see more of you as I loved the character.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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