Coronation Street theory: Carla Connor murdered as Peter puts wife in danger
3rd May 2022

Corrie: Carla Connor throws away Peter Barlow's shirt

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Upcoming scenes on Coronation Street will see Peter Barlow (played by Chris Gascoyne) horrified when he learns a recent operation was rushed as his doctor wanted to win a bet. Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) is already in trouble at work for revealing Mr Thorne’s unethical behaviour and Peter wants her to take another risk as he vows to expose the medic in the local press. But could Peter’s behaviour go too far and could he put Carla Connor (Alison King) in danger as Mr Thorne promises not to go down without a fight.

Next week on the ITV soap, an angry Peter demands an apology from Mr Thorne for rushing through his surgery.

He vows to put a stop to the doctor’s abuse of power and heads to a restaurant to find him.

When Peter finally confronts the doctor, Mr Thorne can’t help but wind up the alcoholic.

Losing his temper, Peter punches him and is arrested on suspicion of assault.

At the police station, Peter is charged with assault and Carla desperately tries to diffuse the situation.

She tries to make amends with Mr Thorne hoping he will drop the charges but he surprises her with his response.

The doctor asks the Underworld businesswomen to dinner and she hands over her number on the condition he thinks about dropping the charges against Peter.

Happy with having Carla’s number, Mr Thorne offers to drop the charges against Peter and retire with immediate effect.

He insists however, that Peter drops his complaint to the hospital so he is able to move on to a practice elsewhere.

When Peter returns home from the station, he spots Carla’s phone and reads a message from Mr Thorne.

The doctor has detailed how he’s looking forward to seeing the factory owner for dinner, leaving Peter reeling.

Peter tells Carla he can’t believe the audacity of Mr Thorne and he intends to make him pay.

He calls the Gazette and asks them to run an article about Mr Thorne’s unethical medical practices.

Peter then begs neighbour Aggie to go to the hospital and dig up more information which could incriminate Mr Thorne.

Aggie explains she’s already in enough trouble as it is and doesn’t want to risk getting fired – will she go through with it and help?

Unfortunately for Peter, by pushing Mr Thorne and launching a smear campaign in the press, the doctor could decide he will press charges for being assaulted.

The doctor could also put the life of Carla in danger as he decides to make Peter pay by killing his one true love.

Carla could try and convince Mr Thorne over dinner she will get Peter to stop with his campaign and to withdraw his complaint.

However, with Peter already going back on his word once, Mr Thorne will be wary of any promises Carla makes.

Wanting to ensure both Peter and Aggie know what he capable of, Mr Thorne could poison Carla and leave her for dead.

Peter would be devastated while Aggie would be terrified of what the doctor may choose to do to her if he learns she’s been helping her neighbour.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 7.30pm.

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