Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker drops WORRYING signs over son Bertie’s safety?
29th March 2019

Coronation Street viewers tuned in to see a heartwarming scene tonight; Bertie Osbourne returning home. 

After months in intensive care following a premature birth due to mother Sinead Tinker’s (played by Katie McGlynn) cervical cancer diagnosis, he spent his first night back in Weatherfield under the watchful eye of his worried parents. 

However, during one moment, those watching at home saw Sinead walk out of the bedroom with a concerned look on her face. 

With husband Dan Osbourne (Rob Mallard) sitting quietly on the sofa reading his book whilst holding hands with his sleeping son, Sinead walked in and Daniel asked her: “Hey, couldn’t you sleep?”

After confirming she couldn’t, Sinead leant over the moses basket and remarked: “Daniel – is he breathing?” 

Worrying, Daniel jumped up and checked: “No he’s fine, he’s just sleeping.” 

Sinead then touched his chest to feel the rise and fall and with a deep sigh of relief, exclaimed: “Thank god for that!

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m just worried something’s going to happen. I feel like I need to be watching him all the time.” 

Whilst Daniel tried to reassure his wife that their baby was safe and well having been released from the hopsital, Sinead’s behaviour raises some concern. 

“I know, I know. It’s just when we were in the hopsital, he was being monitored all the time. He was safe,” she explained. 

“Whereas now, just look at him,” the new mother continued. “He’s so tiny Daniel and he’s just got us. What if we do something wrong?” 

As she started to agonise over the possible situations that could occur, Daniel kept his calm and stated: “We’re not going to let anything happen to him, ok?” 

But instead of replying with an encouraging agreement, Sinead looked anxiously into the distance.

If Sinead is spending so much time fretting about her son, she has already revealed her lack of ability to sleep because of it, could something go wrong? 

With sleep deprivation and Daniel having to concentrate on his education, the majority of the responsibility to look after Bertie will fall on Sinead’s shoulders. 

Is Bertie going to be ok?

And with her own health concerns a pressing matter, it could be suggested Sinead will struggle. 

Is Bertie in danger? Or will the family rally around her to help? 

Elsewhere in Coronation Street, viewers are not convinced about newcomer Wayne Hayes (Adam Barlow). 

Having appeared as the health and safety inspector for the Underworld factory roof collapse, some are worried about Roy Cropper (David Neilson). 

Has Wayne’s ulterior motive been revealed in this clue? 

Coronation Street returns Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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