Coronation Street newcomer's amazing reaction on bus at getting role
19th September 2022

Let’s not mess around here. Getting cast in Coronation Street is a big deal and for actors and actresses and their reactions can be well, very emotive when told they will soon be stepping onto the cobbles for the first time.

Take Jodie Prenger, for example, who plays Glenda Shuttleworth.

She recently told us that she got the call confirming the casting while shopping in IKEA:

‘I swear to God I must have petrified about 30-odd people at IKEA’, she said.

‘We were at the checkout – I was with my mum – and my agent Michelle called. Michelle said, “We’ve got the offer for Corrie.” Well, I screamed, and I cried. One woman nearly dropped a cactus, God love her. And then my mum came out, she started crying.

‘She went back in to get some meatless meatballs for me, but that’s another story. I wanted to tell the world, but I knew I couldn’t tell anyone and that was the hardest thing. But yes, I scared a lot of people in IKEA that day.’

Just like Jodie, Dee-Dee Bailey star Channique Sterling-Brown’s reaction to her Corrie role will be very memorable – as she got the call while on the bus!

‘I was on a bus, when I found out’, she explains.

‘I was on the way to a festival, and I was like, “I’m going to get a bus to town, as I’m getting the train” and I drive so I’m not very good with the buses, so it’s all a bit of a faff. And I’ve missed one and I’m waiting for another one. And it pulls up and my phone starts ringing and it’s my agent and I’d said to her “Oh, can you just ring me when you’ve got the result? I don’t want any texts or emails.” So, I knew what it was, and the bus had pulled up.

‘So, I’m like, “single to Piccadilly, please”. Then “Hi, I’m here” and she says, “Can you talk” and I’m like “Yes, please don’t hang up, I’m here” She told me about it. And I’m not going to lie. I burst into tears!’, Channique adds.

‘I was so overcome. And the first person I told was my best friend. I FaceTimed her and she could see me crying. I think the signal wasn’t very good because she starts like, “what’s happened? What’s wrong?” I’m like, “Oh my gosh. I got it” and she’s like, “What, I can’t hear you, you’re breaking up”. So, we have to go back and forth. And then eventually she got the message.’

On a bus being told you’re about to become the newest member of the Corrie family of course means a whole bunch of people are going to see your reaction – which made for some interesting viewing.

Channique laughed: ‘I honestly think they thought “She’s got a bit of a screw lose, her!” I was like ‘thank you God!’ I was praying, I was chatting to my friend, I was crying. I called two of my other friends as well.

‘For all that 15-minute journey I went through all of the emotions.’

Dee-Dee’s first storyline will see her work with Stu Carptener (Bill Fellows), who is currently trying to prove he did not murder a young woman 30-odd years ago.

Will Dee-Dee’s efforts be enough?

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