Coronation Street horror as Nick brutally attacks David in violent revenge
26th May 2019

Nick Tilsley brutally attacks brother David Platt on Coronation Street in upcoming scenes, as his villainous ways are exposed.

New pictures show the character, played by actor Ben Price, look as though he’s almost killing his sibling, with him holding him super tight in a headlock.

David is struggling to escape his clutches, clearly red in the face and looking as though he could pass out at any moment.

Other snaps show Nick going for David who’s clearly threatened by his brother’s anger, trying to stop him.

It’s then that Nick grabs his brother, before tightening his arm around his neck.

Judging by the photo, David’s terrified of what his brother could be about to do and that’s not all.

Nick appears to be saying something into his ear, a threat of some sort maybe, in the wake of a devastating discovery.

The Platts finally learn it was Audrey’s own grandson Nick who stole her £80,000 inheritance money.

David drops the bombshell on his gran, unable to lie to her any longer.

He had found out much sooner, before blackmailing Nick into using the money on their business venture, the barbers.

As David finally reveals what happened, Audrey storms off devastated about the betrayal.

It’s then that Nick turns nasty, seeking a violent revenge on his little brother for exposing him.

But just how far will he go, and will David live to regret his confession?

Coronation Street airs on ITV all next week at the later time of 9pm.

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