Coronation Street horror as Hope Stape set to murder Joseph Brown in terrifying twist?
13th January 2022

Coronation Street: Hope questioned by police over fire

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Hope (played by Isabella Flanagan) has been somewhat of a support to Joseph (William Flanagan) this week on Coronation Street as the young schoolboy has been having a rough time. With his father, Chesney Brown (Sam Aston), having his hands full with the quadruplets, he seems to have missed out on the signs his eldest son is not happy. With the youngster taking matters into his own hands and running away from home, he might have thought he was finally going to get some attention. But Hope could have other plans in mind for Joseph which could lead to his permanent exit from the ITV soap.

It might have seemed Hope was trying to help her young cousin but in fact, there have been several hints towards her true motives.

During Monday night’s episode of the weeknight serial drama, she set up Joseph so it looked as if he was stealing money from Fiz Stape’s (Jennie McAlpine) purse for a school trip.

The schoolgirl proceeded to tell her mother Joseph was getting bullied at school, information which the stalwart relayed on to her brother Chesney.

Despite his son pleading with him not to make matters worse in Wednesday’s first episode, the father-of-five completely dismissed him and reported the incident to the school.

As the young boy felt he wasn’t being respected in the house, he staged a runaway so his father could become worried about him.

Chesney began a search around Weatherfield for his young son, informing the police about Joseph’s disappearance and getting his neighbours involved.

The father was at the end of his tether by the end of the second episode of the night as the authorities had found the schoolboy’s jumper thrown on the floor of a nearby ginnel.

As Fiz got involved with the search party, her daughter Hope seemed to be holding back some rather important information.

What the youngster hadn’t told her mother or uncle Chesney was her cousin was actually hiding out away in Number Nine.

Just before the credits rolled, Hope was seen giving the schoolboy a packet of crisps as he had been hiding behind a makeshift wall.

It’s the beginning of Chesney struggling

Iain MacLeod

From their glances at one another, it seemed as if the youngsters had concocted the plan together for Joseph to get some attention.

However, given Hope’s history of being reckless when it comes to her behaviour, she could have an ulterior motive for hiding her cousin away.

With him seemingly under her control, the schoolgirl could begin lying to him that no one is looking for him and he would be better off living behind the cardboard wall.

As she has displayed signs of concerning behaviour before, Hope could think the best way to end everyone’s heartache would be to get rid of the schoolboy.

When the young boy’s body is found, it would look like an accident as the youngster could murder him in a way no evidence comes back to her.

Having moved his body into the ginnel, it would look as if the schoolboy had simply perished in the cold weather rather than being murdered by his cousin.

This would be a heartbreaking exit for the youngster and his loved ones would be devastated he would be gone from their lives for good.

Unfortunately for Hope, although she might have thought she had got away with murder, she could have tripped up along the line.

Having not disposed of all her cousin’s belongings hidden behind the cardboard wall, Fiz could find evidence he was living in the house.

Knowing her daughter has it within her to kill someone, having tried to murder Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) in a fire last year, she would know Hope had something to do with Joseph’s death.

Fiz would have to approach the matter delicately as she knows Hope could either run off or do something a lot worse if she is confronted.

Ringing the police, the stalwart could report her daughter and eventually, they would end up taking the schoolgirl away.

Having got away with numerous crimes in the past, will the courts rule the youngster needs to be sent to a juvenile detention centre?

Executive producer, Iain MacLeod teased some huge developments in Joseph’s runaway plot which will have a huge impact on the family.

Speaking with, he said: “The story causes Joseph to run away, which provokes widespread panic and spins off into another story for neighbouring households.

“But ultimately, it’s the beginning of Chesney struggling to deal with his son,” the soap boss continued to explain.

But could this be a hint Chesney will have to “deal with” the death of his son and the ramifications which follow?

Taking to Twitter in light of recent episodes, viewers have suspected Hope is actually bullying her cousin and this could work into the theory she will kill him.

Tony wrote on the social media platform: “Hope is the devil #Corrie,” with Ben remarking: “Hope hasn’t changed #Corrie.”

“Hope has an idea for Joseph, I got a bad feeling about this #Corrie,” Michelle commented, so could fans be bidding farewell to Joesph?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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