Coronation Street fans fear for Ryan Connor as they ‘expose’ catfishing twist
26th August 2023

Coronation Street: Ryan Connor considers online sex work

Coronation Street fans watched in horror on Monday night as Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott) was urged to share X-rated pictures online for cash.

The DJ has been staying with his aunt Carla Barlow (Alison King) and her husband Peter (Chris Gasgoine) as he continues to recover from the acid attack that scarred him for life.

When Peter confided in him that they could really do with some rent from him Ryan promised to ask for extra shifts at the bistro.

However, a more tantalising offer dropped into his direct messages when one of the online followers of his fitness content going by the name of Liv asked him to “drop his kecks and send a pic,” offering to pay him for it.

As Ryan unzipped his trousers it looked like he was succumbing to the temptation of easy cash and viewers were not happy about it, with many believing that Liv is actually Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

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@CaroleAnn1982 said: “So Ryan who thought he was talking to Crystal but it was Daisy is going to fall for another random online? #corrie.” (sic)

@Jadeawx observed: “Just been catfished and now he’s dropping his kecks 5 mins later.. Not very online savvy is Ryan, eh.” (sic)

A user with the handle @pantskate simply said: “I bet it’s Daisy messaging Ryan #Corrie”

This was echoed by @Beardybill1 who chimed in: “So who is catfishing Ryan for d**k pics? I reckon it is Daisy… #Corrie.” (sic)

Elsewhere @andrewmcb had a different theory opining: “On a scale of 1-10 how likely is it that Ryan is talking to a man? The answer is 11. Ha #Corrie.”

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However, some viewers found the content unsuitable for the long running soap.

@LaLaBeepBeep begged: “Corrie please I don’t wanna have to explain only fans to my 64 year old mother.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Ryan will realise how reckless he’s being anytime soon as spoilers released by ITV for Wednesday’s episode show that he will set up an O-Vidz account to start selling saucy content.

“He is very quickly swallowed up by it and as the money starts coming in he is hooked,” revealed Ryan Prescott who plays the troubled character.

Coronation Street is on ITV at 8pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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