Clickbait release date, cast, plot: All we know about the sinister Netflix thriller
12th August 2021

Clickbait: Adrian Grenier stars in Netflix trailer

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Clickbait is due to arrive on Netflix soon and the story focuses on a sinister act of cybercrime. The series explores the age of social media and follows one man who features in a horrifying video online. has all you need to know about the series and when it is out.

When is Clickbait out?

Clickbait is an intense and suspenseful eight-episode series told through various perspectives.

The thriller will arrive in its entirety on Netflix on August 25, with fans in the US gaining access from midnight.

For those keen to watch in the UK, they will have to wait until 8am before they can binge the episodes.

Each instalment is around 45 minutes long, and they all explore “the ever-widening fractures we find between our virtual and real-life personas”.

A trailer for the series was dropped on August 11 and is available to watch on Netflix and YouTube.

Who is in the cast of Clickbait?

Nick Brewer (played by Adrian Grenier) is a husband and father with a troubled past who disappears out of the blue.

He has a strong yet complex relationship with his sister, Pia (Zoe Kazan), who is desperate to find him.

Nick is married to Sophie (Betty Gabriel) in the series, and they have two sons – Ethan (Camaron Engels) and Kai (Jaylin Fletcher).

When Nick goes missing, the detective in charge of the case is Roshan Amir (Phoenix Raei).

When she loses all hope in the police, Pia turns to her young friend Vince (Jack Walton), a patient at the hospital where she works, for help.

What is Clickbait about?

The trailer for the series is available to watch now and it shows Sophie Brewer reading out a press statement.

Over a montage of Nick with his friends and family, she says: “This is a message for the kidnapper.

“He is a husband, a father, a brother. He is kind, loving, and gentle. You have made a terrible mistake. Let him come home.”

Nick is then seen looking battered and bruised in an online video, and he is holding a sign that says ‘At five million views I die’.

A new video is then uploaded which shows Nick holding a sign saying ‘I killed a woman’.

His family do not see this as a confession, but rather as a death threat in which Nick is the victim.

Little do they know, Nick has clearly been hiding something from them and detective Amir must figure out what this is.

Throughout the investigation, they discover new sides to Nick they had no idea could exist.

His sister and wife swear he has never been violent, but he is seen losing his temper in the trailer.

Another police officer is then heard stating: “There is something she is not saying.”

Could this mean Nick’s wife or sister is covering for him? Do they know more than they let on about his past?

Fans have taken to the trailer to share their initial thoughts, with one saying: “I have to watch this one! The name alone gives me the chills.”

Another said: “Glad to see Adrian Grenier in a new project, and VERY glad to see Betty Gabriel in a new project. This looks good!”

A third added: “Damn this looks horrible, I can’t wait.”

Clickbait arrives on Netflix on August 25.

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