'Cinderella': Will John Mulaney Star In the Amazon Prime Remake?
16th August 2021

It’s become clear that if a streaming service is going to be competitive, they must offer unique movies and other content that catch their viewers’ attention. Amazon Prime has been working hard to bring fresh content to its subscribers, and next month the service is offering something new – Cinderella.

If you’re wondering how such an old fairy tale could possibly be new, then you haven’t had a chance to see this interpretation of the familiar story. 

‘Cinderella’ reimagined

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, but the Amazon Prime movie puts a bold new spin on it. According to Vogue, this rendition tells the story of Ella, an orphan who is mistreated by her stepmother and dreams of a different life. True, this doesn’t sound very different from the classic tale so far. 

But this fairy-tale heroine doesn’t dream of marrying a prince. Instead, her passion is dressmaking. She doesn’t want to live a life of luxury; she wants to leave her mark on the world as a designer and businesswoman. When she catches the eye of the Prince, she informs him that she’s simply not interested in being royalty, because she has important things to do.

Camilla Cabello stars as this modern, ambitious Cinderella. Her fairy godmother, known as Fab G, is played by the fabulous Billy Porter. Idina Menzel is the wicked stepmother. Nicholas Galitzine is Prince Robert, and Pierce Brosnan plays his father, the king. 

The star-studded cast includes a trio of comedians who play Ella’s mice friends. True to the original story, they’re turned into footmen by her fairy godmother. The footmen are played by James Corden, Romesh Ranganathan, and…one late change. 

What happened to John Mulaney?

Until very recently, one of Ella’s footmen was supposed to be played by John Mulaney. But according to Vulture, the comedian has had a tumultuous year. 

In December of 2020, Mulaney entered treatment for drug abuse. This was his second time in rehab, and after two months he finished the program and came home. But the big life changes weren’t over.

In May, the news came out that he was divorcing Anna Marie Tendler, who he had been married to for nearly seven years. Just a few days after that, word got out that he was already dating actress Olivia Munn. 

Whether all this upheaval in his life prevented him from having the time to be in Cinderella, or there was some other reason for him to break ties with the project, he’s no longer a part of the cast. When Amazon released a trailer for the movie on August 2, people noticed that a change had been made. 

James Acaster stepped in as a footman

There hasn’t been any explanation for why Mulaney has been cut from the movie. However, his role didn’t go unfilled. According to Insider, the role of the third footman will now be played by James Acaster. 

Acaster is a British comedian who has toured widely, appearing in award-winning stand-up comedy shows for almost a decade. He also appeared in the wildly popular baking competition The Great British Bake Off. He was featured in a celebrity episode to raise money for a cancer charity. 

Whatever the reason may have been for Mulaney’s exit, viewers are sure to enjoy Acaster’s take on life as a mouse/footman. They won’t have long to wait, either. The new Cinderella will be released only on Amazon Prime on September 3. 

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