Charli XCX responds to EastEnders’ Lily naming baby after her
7th September 2023

Charli XCX has responded to EastEnders' Lily Slater naming her baby after her on the show.

This week in the BBC soap, 13 year old Lily gave birth to her daughter, and when the dad, Ricky Mitchell, arrived, they announced that her name is going to be Charli Branning Slater.

As they announced the little ones name, Lily's mum Stacey asked: "Aww, after Uncle Charlie?"

But Ricky was quick to clarify: "No, after Charli XCX," confusing Stacey.

The clip of the moment soon went viral on social media, and it caught the attention of the Boom Clap singer, who responded by saying: "Shout out my gays in the writer's room!"

Her response prompted a number of fans to talk about the unique interaction, with one person commenting: "This is the most British crossover ever."

While another said: "There’s nothing more iconic than this."

Someone else wrote: "I can only imagine Speed Drive playing in the background while the baby was born."

The naming comes after a big few months for the 31 year old singer, after she landed her sixth top 10 single with Speed Drive, which featured in the new Barbie film.

Back in Walford, many of the baby's family members believed that they had named her after the soap legend Charlie Slater, who died in 2016.

However, when her name was explained, it left many of them confused, including Kat Slater.

The naming of the baby also provided a touching moment for Ricky and his dad, Jack Branning, as he explained that he is changing his name from Mitchell to Branning.

Ricky is the son of Sam Mitchell and Jack, but with Sam not around, Ricky has decided that it is time to switch his name to match his father.

Lily found out she was pregnant earlier this year after she collapsed at home and was rushed to hospital.

The news shocked the Slater family, and the police and social services were quickly involved due to her young age.

As the investigation looked into how Lily got pregnant, she was reluctant to reveal the identity of the father as she wanted to protect him.

However, after several conversations with Stacey, she explained that Ricky is the father, but he didn't do anything wrong, explaining that they both wanted to have sex.

At first, Jack was furious with what had happened, but Ricky insisted that he wanted to step up and be a dad despite his age.

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