Carol Vorderman reveals the very unusual place she plans to have sex
21st December 2018

Carol Vorderman has revealed her very naughty resolution – to be the first woman to have sex in space.

The former Countdown presenter, who claims to have previously dated a commander of the International Space Station, said she was keen to be the first woman to do this, before getting into an argument with Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin about the moon landing.

On the show, to which Vorders returned for the first time in five years while her mate Carol McGiffin was on the panel, she said: "I wouldn’t do it by myself! I do like astronauts, but whether we can do it is what we’re debating at the moment.

"One of my exes was a commander on the ISS and funnily enough, he thinks that NASA actually went to the moon – amazing! Who’d have thought it?"

At this point, the ladies started quizzing Vorders on her alleged American beau, but she remained tight-lipped, only giving a few things away.

She said: "I didn’t actually say I’ve got a new boyfriend. I’ll be 58 on monday so I said that my 50s, which is the truth, has been the best decade of my life.

"This year was the best summer of my life, the best week of my life was in July and I had the best date in my life."

Later on, she added: "I haven’t said I’ve got a new man because I haven’t, but I had the best ever first date in my life.

"But we didn’t do that – well I was going to say it before you ask me – I’m not telling you [what we did] because then there may be no second date.

"It was slightly surreal and he’s an amazing person but that’s all I’m telling you. He’s not British and he’s not famous, and he doesn’t live here."

But Carol McGiffin remembered something from her old friend, about her liking to have more than one boyfriend at a time, to which Vorders did admit, saying she "likes to have a few."

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