Carol Kirkwood snaps at Naga Munchetty for ignoring her ‘You weren’t listening’
14th October 2021

BBC Breakfast: Carol snaps at Naga for not listening

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Carol Kirkwood regularly jokes around with her BBC Breakfast co-stars and Thursday was no different when she snapped at Naga Munchetty for not paying attention. As she finished up her latest weather forecast, Naga asked for some clarification on a comment Carol made, but the meteorologist wasn’t impressed to hear the presenter hadn’t been listening properly.

Carol said of her report: “On Sunday it looks like the rain will move across Scotland and by Sunday we will all be in the milder air, it won’t just be England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“You can see too, areas of cloud, areas of sun and our top temperature will 17 or 18 degrees, Charlie and Naga.”

“Did you just tell me not to take anything as gospel?” Naga asked.

Carol hit back: “No I didn’t, you weren’t listening properly.”

“I heard what you said, I will keep an eye on the weather forecast always Carol, thank you,” Naga replied.

It came after Carol joked she would quit the BBC show if she won the Euromillions this weekend.

The jackpot for the prize now stands at £184million and Carol was hoping to run off to Las Vegas with Sally Nugent.

“Do you know what me and Carol are going to do if we win? If one of us wins… Carol, shall we tell him?” Sally said to co-host Charlie Stayt.

Carol replied: “Go on,” as Sally revealed: “We’re going to Vegas, possibly by Saturday.”

“I was thinking it was going to be something a little bit bigger than that, than a trip to Vegas, for 184 million,” Charlie explained.

“Would you both walk? I mean, if you found out right now, would you just go, would it just be me?

“It would just be me left here, right?”

But Carol assured Charlie: “You know, if we had a syndicate, we could all just go! There’d be nobody here tomorrow morning! Just thinking.

“You’ve got to do it, haven’t you, to be in with a chance.”

Carol joined the BBC after graduating joining the secretarial reserve in London before moving around to host slots on Radio Scotland and Radio 2.

She took a break from the corporation after marrying husband Jimmy Kirkwood before returning as a freelance presenter in 1993.

She has appeared on BBC Weather since 1998 and has become a firm favourite amongst viewers.

While much of the BBC team relocated to Salford to host the BBC Breakfast show, Carol stayed in London presenting via video link.

As well as presenting she has appeared in Hollyoaks and taken part in the 2015 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One from 6am.

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