Carla's terror in Corrie as Ryan loses it with her
19th August 2023

Carla Connor (Alison King) is left in a terrifying and uncomfortable position in upcoming Coronation Street episodes as Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) violently loses his temper while in the flat.

Ryan’s emotions and hormones are all over the place as a result of the trauma from his acid attack and also his addiction to steroids.

Ryan started secretly buying steroids while he was away in Ireland. He then returned and continued taking them, convinced that changing his physical appearance would help how he feels mentally.

Coming up, aware that he needs to pay the rent, Ryan decides that he’s going to start earning money from his social media account.

After Ryan arranges to meet Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) for a drink, he discovers that she’s planning on moving in with Daniel (Rob Mallard) which confuses Ryan’s feelings for her.

In the flat, Ryan goes onto O-Vidz (an OnlyFans style website), creates a new profile and posts his first video.

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He receives a message from a follower called Liv and then checks his account, noticing the amount of subscribers he has is increasing and he’s also earning a lot of money from sharing intimate videos and images.

Towards the end of the week, Ryan receives a message from a man called Guy offering to pay for some private pictures.

Ryan takes his top off and takes some photos, but he makes sure that his scars aren’t on show.

Later on, Ryan reads a derogatory comment only about his scarred body and Carla urges him to just ignore it.

However, clearly fuelled by testosterone, Ryan loses his temper and ends up hurling a glass across the room, leaving Carla terrified.

‘I think at this point, he can’t see a reality moving forward’, Ryan Prescott told us.

‘He can’t see what that is and I think that’s the problem. That’s why he’s allowed himself to get so lost in the fitness and so lost in the gratification of strangers’ comments, because he can’t define who he is supposed to be within his community or himself within his family or society in general. He can’t really see that for himself anymore.

‘That kind of leads into this point that he can’t see who he is anymore. So he’s trying to find it. I think he’s trying to find it within the likes and comments of strangers. It also allows him to have that separation from what he’s doing, as long as the people around him aren’t seeing it.

‘One thing that’s always stuck with me is he’s trying to find a new truth for himself.’

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