Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey claims Netflix stardom has been 'traumatic' because he’s ‘not good at being famous’
11th March 2021

BRIDGERTON star Jonathan Bailey claims Netflix stardom has been 'traumatic' because he’s ‘not good at being famous’.

The actor made the heartfelt revelation as he spoke about how the period drama had been received by a multitude of fans.

Jonathan, 32, stars as the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton in the steamy series set in the early 1800s.

The Shonda Rimes produced drama received the accolade of being the most-watched original Netflix series, following its release on Christmas Day,

Of the reaction to the show and his role, Jonathan admitted it had been a "brilliantly traumatic thing to experience”.

Expanding his 'experience' and on how people had connected to the show's themes and diverse range of characters, he told ES Magazine: "It’s a candyfloss juggernaut theme park ride – like multiple sensory overload."

Having previously enjoyed roles in Broadchurch, Chewing Gum and BBC Two's WIA, the actor received a Laurence Olivier Award in 2018 for his portrayal of Jamie in Company.

Despite this the star admitted the high profile nature of his latest role had been a struggle.

"You work and strive to be an actor and you can get better at it and enjoy it," he said.

"But you can’t be good at fame or enjoy it. Some people do, some people don’t.

"It’s a different cocktail for everyone."

Jonathan is best known for flashing his bum in the opening scenes of the first episode, and he's promised there'll be more of the same in the second series.

Adapted from Julia Quinn's novels, the next series will focus on Anthony's own quest to find a bride.

He told The Mirror last month: "The thing that's so at the heart of Bridgerton is intimacy and identity and sexuality – and so of course that's something we're going to have to make sure we continue with.

"Who wouldn't want to play a character whose bottom you get to know before the face?" Bailey laughed of his introduction in the series.

"I think the expression of sex in this show is so important."

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