Bradley Walsh fumes at The Chase player as he slams their cheeky Botox comment
15th November 2021

Bradley Walsh was forced to reaffirm that he hasn't had Botox during a quip regarding a question about collagen on The Chase.

While contestant Lauren was rattling through her answers as she was up against Darragh Ennis, she was hit with a question that she believed she knew the answer to immediately.

The question read: "Which protein is converted to gelatin when exposed to boiling water?"

On Monday night's show, when host Bradley Walsh asked her if she knew the answer, she said: "Well collagen is when you get Botox or breast implants, isn't it?"

Immediately Bradley fumed: "Do I look like I've had Botox?!"

He added: "Look at the state of me!

"I was born in 1960 I ent been to bed yet!"

Despite the fiery quip from the TV host, the pair laughed it off as he praised her for getting the question right.

Lauren certainly started as she meant to go on as she sailed through to the final chase along with two of her other team members.

Oli, Lauren and Ron managed to bring £15,000 to the table between them and after an incredible performance from the team, they managed to take home an equal share of the pot.

When Bradley congratulated the group, he said: "Eight attempts to push back, three executed. The Chaser needed four. Well played. Very, very good.

"Take the 15 grand, split it equally, guess what? You've outrun the Chaser."

The team will all be taking home a whopping £5,000 each and splashing out however they see fit – and viewers were incredibly happy to see the three of them take home the cash.

Taking to Twitter, one user wrote: "Awww they all praised each other."

Another said: "Well done to the team!"

A third wrote: "Bloody great chase. Oli was a machine but I'm more delighted Ron got the money."

Elsewhere another user wrote: "Brilliant! Still do not know how they did it."

The Chase continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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