Booka and Brett Married At First Sight Australia: Are they still together?
2nd November 2021

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Married At First Sight Australia has crossed the pond and has been airing on E4 in the UK. The eighth season, which has already aired Down Under, saw a dozen couples tie the knot having never met. has all you need to know about whether Booka and Brett are still together.

Are Booka and Brett from MAFS Australia still together?

Booka Nile and Brett Helling were the fourth couple to be matched by the panel of relationship experts.

Both 31 at the time, the experts believed they were on the same page when it came to their outlooks on life.

Musician and mental health worker Booka went to South Coast in New South Wales for her honeymoon with Brett, a psychology student and electrician.

Sadly they broke up before the end of the experiment and are still separated to this day.

Fans noticed how Brett did not appear at Booka’s viewing party for the series.

Booka had also stopped following Brett on Instagram, so viewers believed they had separated.

Reality TV podcast So Daramatic revealed they were no longer together and did not make it to the final vows.

The couple ended up getting into a huge fight at one of the dinner parties, but it seemed they managed to resolve things.

Yet during feedback week, Booka received a letter saying she only ever thought about herself.

Speaking to Nine in an exit interview, Booka said she no longer felt romantic feelings toward Brett.

Receiving the letter played a huge part in her decision to leave the experiment early.

She said: “What ultimately led to Brett and I having to separate was when I found out that Brett had been saying things about me that I found to be really cruel and unfair.

“It made me feel ashamed that I’d shared my proudest moments with him.”

They may not have worked out as a married couple, but their split was amicable and it is believed they are still friends.

Booka is on Instagram and it seems the musician has been focussing on her music.

She does not appear to be in a relationship with anyone at this moment in time.

Brett is also on Instagram and he has a new partner in his life, in the form of his puppy.

He has been sharing memories from his time on the series and seemed to be in good spirits when recalling the show.

The star was unrecognisable to fans of the series after he shaved off his iconic facial hair.

He too has opened up about the reason behind his split from Booka.

Speaking to Nine, he said: “Booka and I were hanging out one day and we were just having a chat about life and all kinds of things.

“I think we both just came to the realisation that it wasn’t something we wanted to pursue outside of the experiment.”

They may have had some bumps in the road but it appears the couple were on the same page about their relationship the whole time.

Married At First Sight Australia airs on weekdays on E4.

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