Bling Empire season 2: Dorothy Wang left ‘disappointed’ after series cut key scenes
23rd May 2022

Bling Empire: Trailer for season 2 of Netflix reality show

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Fans were over the moon to see Netflix’s hit reality series Bling Empire return with a second season filled with opulence and drama. However, star Dorothy Wang expressed her disappointment after her health battles were cut from the instalment.

Bling Empire made its highly anticipated comeback with season two earlier this month with another look at Los Angeles’ upper class.

As well as answering a number of cliffhangers, viewers were introduced to two newcomers, Mimi Morris and Dorothy Wang.

Although it was her Netflix debut, Dorothy wasn’t new to reality TV as she had previously starred in ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ and ‘Famously Single’.

After watching Bling Empire, she shared her disappointment in the series as they failed to air key scenes.

Speaking to, the star revealed viewers didn’t get to see her health journey which she had filmed.

Dorothy shared: “Well, I think in general, a lot was cut out.

“I think, for me, I actually didn’t film that many so proportion wise, compared to everyone else, a lot of my scenes weren’t cut out.

“But I’m just used to the Rich Kids, we didn’t have a lot of production issues so we didn’t have a lot of stuff that was cut out in general.”

The 34-year-old disclosed: “One of my trepidations about appearing on the show was that I just said, ‘I’m not really feeling my best, I’m not really looking my best.

“‘I don’t know if I’m really ready to come back to TV, I have a lot of doctor’s appointments, I have a lot of things that have to do with my health that I’m taking care of right now.’

“They said, ‘Oh yeah, we’re gonna follow that.’”

However, Dorothy soon realised this wasn’t the case as viewers didn’t get to see the other side of her luxury lifestyle.

As the cameras followed her doctor’s appointments, fans would have learned about the various health issues she had been battling.

Dorothy explained: “I’ve been going through a lot of health issues and having a lot of weird allergic reactions and mysterious skin reactions, doctors haven’t been able to figure [it] out.”

As she had opened up about it on social media, the entrepreneur shared her disappointment about the scenes being cut.

“We filmed a lot of things about my health journey that didn’t really make it.

“That, to me, was disappointing because I just felt like it would have been a great story to tell and a great story to share.

“That, in real life, has been a really long and deep struggle for me.”

“I also felt like it was a missed opportunity to spread a little bit of awareness and to just tell a story that maybe could have helped some other people that are also struggling with some sort of chronic health issues that feel they don’t have a cure in sight.”

Instead, the series shone a light on her feud with co-star Kane Lim, having known each other for a few years, the two tried to put their differences aside by meeting up for a meal, however, things took a turn for the worse.

Bling Empire is available on Netflix.

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