Billie Shepherd breaks down in tears as she adapts to having a family of 5
26th April 2023

Billie Shepherd became emotional during Wednesday's episode of Billie and Greg: The Family Diaries as she discussed how she and her husband Greg have been adapting to becoming a family of five.

The parents of three welcomed their youngest child, daughter Margot, in December and were quick to return to filming their TV series, sharing their life as they adapt to becoming a family of five.

During the episode, Billie, and baby Margot, paid a visit to her mum's house, where she became tearful as she discussed the recent changes in her life.

As Billie's mum Suzie asked if five-year-old Arthur has been struggling with the new arrival, Billie became rather emotional.

She responded: "Arthur, a million per cent. I think we all kinda expected it", as she became teary, Suzie got up to hug her daughter.

Billie continued: "Every time I talk about it I do get emotional, I think it's because with Arthur, he's definitely more challenging."

In a VT Billie added: "I hate the thought of him [Arthur] being upset and that's making me upset."

Ahead of the new series of Family Diaries, Billie opened up to OK! about how her children had adapted to having a new sibling, with Arthur becoming rather jealous of the new arrival

She told us that Arthur had become slightly “smothering” over both Billie and Margot.

She said: "I think what it was in those early days, you’ve got this tiny little newborn, they’re so fragile and there was so much illness around the time she was born, I felt so protective over her.

"Because I was a bit like, 'Oh, careful!' it made him go the opposite way. He was so full on with her.

"When I look back at it, at the time I was having all the emotions of a newborn and it was probably more me just being overprotective. It was his way of trying to show his love and affection, but sometimes it was a bit too much.

“He’d do things like breathe on her, and I knew one day I’d laugh about it, but at the time it would make me cry" she continued.

"I think he was feeling that bit of jealousy – he’s always been the baby and throughout my pregnancy he became very attached to me and that was the start of it. When I had Margot, he felt pushed out.”


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