Big Brother’s Tom’s life off-screen from age to real job and other TV stint
7th November 2023

We've been keeping a close eye on the housemates in Big Brother as they take on whacky challenges and navigate relationships in the famous social experiment, including Tom.

Tom delighted viewers with his easygoing nature and chilled attitude when he first arrived in the house, something that is bound to come in handy when living with strangers. But it looks like it could be becoming a bit much for Tom, as last week we saw him break several nomination rules and call Trish "aggressive".

He's also stolen food alongside Paul which we know never goes down well in Big Brother history. Due to his surprising behaviour, fans are now calling for Tom to be evicted as one viewer brutally said: "Tom is probably one of the worst housemates in Big Brother history."

A second wrote: "Praying Tom and Olivia are nominated to join Jenkin". As the eviction draws closer, let's take a closer look at Tom's life off screen…

How old is Tom?

The 21 year old hails from Limington, Somerset and works as a butcher. He is the second youngest contestant in this year’s Big Brother.

Tom appeared to be more than ready to leave his full-time job behind and become a reality TV star as he said: "I guess the only thing I don’t like [about being a butcher], it’s going to sound a bit weird, but I don’t like the feeling of raw meat. Just cold and slimy."

What is he like?

Before entering the house Tom described himself as "loud and chatty", adding: "I like to think I’m quite funny", although he wasn't sure his friends would agree. He's admitted to being outspoken and even told producers he thinks this might lead him to be nominated for eviction.

He said: "I think I might potentially offend some people. My mouth moves faster than my brain." He also said he had signed up to the show for a "bit of fun", but some viewers haven't been impressed and have labelled him "dull".

One wrote on X/Twitter: "Colour me shocked – the most dull housemate this year once featured on the most dull reality TV show, Kavos Weekender. And apparently the only thing he went on about was his mullet. Maybe casting could do a little bit better next year."

When asked what he'd do with the cash prize, Tom said producers: "There’s a good couple of cars I want to buy. I’d probably put a good bit of it into savings for a house, and then probably spunk a trip to Ibiza or somewhere."

Other TV stint

It probably hasn't worked in his favour with public popularity after eagle-eyed fans noticed that Tom has previously appeared on the ITV reality show, Kavos Weekender. The revelation came after it emerged that another of this year’s housemates, Farida, had previously been a contestant on Channel 4 reality show Come Dine With Me.

Kavos Weekender aired on ITV in 2023 as part of the wider Ibiza Weekender and Magaluf Weekender series. The shows focussed on sets of friends who go on a fun filled holiday over the summer season.

Reacting to the revelation about Tom's other TV appearance, one wrote on X: "I’m sorry, but that is absolutely outrageous!" A second wrote: "Seems to me like majority of the housemates has been on TV before.

"I’ll never understand when genuine people apply and audition through the normal means, why do casting teams reach out to 'influencers' 'models' or people who have been on TV before, it’s so odd…I auditioned years ago and didn’t get past the first round and I’d have been a hoot."

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