'Big Brother': Derek Apologizes for His Negative Comments to Azah and Tiffany
1st October 2021

Big Brother 23 was dominated by The Cookout. But that doesn’t mean the alliance went smoothly. Derek Frazier had tense moments with Azah Awasum and Tiffany Mitchell. He’s now addressing it with them and apologized.

Derek had arguments with Azah and Tiffany in ‘Big Brother 23’

Derek had multiple women in his alliance. But he also had his most tense moments with them.

He once threatened to leave The Cookout because of an argument he had with Tiffany. “I don’t want to work with this b*tch anymore. I don’t,” Derek told Azah. 

In the last days of the season, Derek also turned on Azah. He kept telling her he dragged her to the end despite winning competitions and relationships with other houseguests. It came to a point where she no longer wanted to take him to the final two if she won the final Head of Household. 

Fans were furious about how Derek talk to and about women this season. The alliance is now addressing his comments.

Derek F addresses his negative comments about Azah and Tiffany on ‘Big Brother’

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The Cookout sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about the season. They were asked if there was anything they wanted to address from their time on Big Brother.

“In the end, I don’t care what Big D has said about me,” Tiffany said. “I love him. There’s nothing he can do about it. We are family. We’re going to be family.”

Derek then addressed his comments. “I came in this house forgetting that there’s cameras and a lot of people know that I say what I want, and I have no filter,” he said. “And each of these individuals I look at them as family, so when I talk to them, I talk to them like if I’m talking at home.”

He later said, “And some of the things I said and obviously I’ve learned that since getting out the house probably came across as I didn’t care for the women. And I don’t want any of the women to feel that way at all. And I hope when everyone takes the time to watch this back if they decide or don’t decide to. I hope they see that I really did care about each and every single one of these women in The Cookout.”

The runner-up added, “Me being a gay man, I talk to the girls, and we say b*tch we call each other the b-word. That’s how we talk. But I asked the girls, and they’re like no, it’s fine if you say it. But no one else better say it.”

He also apologized to Azah

Derek also said Azah doesn’t owe him anything. “Azah is amazing,” he said. “She’s a very beautiful and smart woman. And she’s a very good friend to me, and all I can do is hope that maybe one day she will find in the kindness of her heart to allow me to show that same thing back to her.”

Azah said she accepts his apology. It looks like The Cookout plans to stay close after working together this season and are over their issues.

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