Big Bang Theory: Fans expose ‘true’ meaning in Sheldon baby name – and it’s not Hofstadter
7th August 2021

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Amy Farrah Fowler’s (played by Mayim Bialik) unconventional relationship with Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) was one of the highlights of the CBS series and, after finally marrying on the show, it was revealed on spin-off series Young Sheldon that the two had a child named Leonard Cooper. However, many Big Bang Theory fans are now theorising the meaning behind the baby’s name – and some aren’t convinced it’s to do with Sheldon’s old roommate Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki).

American sitcom The Big Bang Theory has remained one of the most popular comedy series since its debut in 2007.

Mayim Bialik starred as neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler, protagonist Sheldon Cooper’s love interest and, later, wife.

Dedicated fans of the series were shocked when neurotic Sheldon began a relationship with Amy.

However, they quickly became the show’s most popular couple as the unconventional pair’s love stemmed from their shared joy of science.

It was revealed on Young Sheldon, the sequel series following younger Sheldon’s (Iain Armitage) difficult childhood as a prodigy, that Amy and Sheldon have children in the future.

Despite only ever being mentioned on-screen once, it is believed that the young Leonard Cooper’s namesake is his father’s best friend Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki).

Sheldon had originally wanted to name their son Leonard Nimoy Cooper but Amy strongly objected to the idea.

However, fans have continued to theorise the meaning behind the name, and whether or not baby Leonard’s namesake really is Leonard Hofstadter.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss the meaning behind the baby name, with one person offering up a new theory that shows Sheldon may have gotten his way after all.

The Redditor states: “In season 2 episode 11 of the Big Bang theory, Penny gifts Sheldon a napkin wiped on the mouth of Leonard Nimoy and signed by him too.

“Sheldon states ‘I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy, do you realize what this means? All I need is a healthy ovum and I could grow my own Leonard Nimoy!’ When given the gift,” they continued.

“On young Sheldon season 4 episode 1, it’s revealed Sheldon has a son named Leonard.

“After he gets married to Amy maybe she was the healthy ovum so they can grow a Leonard Nimoy,” they concluded. (sic)

While the unconventional theory could hold some weight, others in the fandom weren’t convinced.

One fan disagreed with the name’s meaning, replying: “Knowing how the characters Sheldon and Amy matured romantically, I don’t think he went on to do that [laughing emoji] fun to think about it though.” (sic)

“No. Sheldon and Amy get married and have two kids and they name one Leonard, after Leonard Hofstadter,” someone else responded.

However, many agreed that is far more likely that the baby was named after Sheldon’s best friend.

One fan commented and clearly disagreed with the original Reddit user: “I really do not think this is true.

“Sheldon named him Leonard after his best friend but he is just saying it is after Nimoy.”

Though someone else was quick to point out that Leonard Hofstadter was the likely inspiration, explaining: “Many are forgetting Sheldon’s speech in the finale. He truly got what Leonard meant to him.

“There is no doubt his son was named after his best friend,” they continued to explain.

“Besides Amy would not tolerate it if he was named after an actor in a sci-fi series,” they concluded.

While Amy was tolerant of Sheldon’s obsession with sci-fi and obsession with comic books, she often made it clear to him that she also found it incredibly annoying so it makes it more likely that it isn’t Leonard Nimoy who is behind the name.

The Big Bang Theory is currently available to stream on Netflix UK.

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