BGT winner Axel Blake hits back after viewers claim show was ‘fixed’ and he was ‘already famous’
7th June 2022

Britain's Got Talent winner Axel Blake has denied claims the show is "fixed" and has hit back at people who suggested he was "already famous".

Viewers were left outraged Sunday night's final result as the dad of two triumphed over 13 year old ventriloquist Jamie Leahey during the live final.

Many felt the comedian's "fame" had helped him after he already has his own show on Amazon Prime.

Appearing on Monday's episode of Lorraine, Simon Cowell's golden buzzer act defended himself regarding his past TV successes.

Host, Lorraine Kelly said: "You know what it's like, people will say, 'hang on a minute, Britain's Got Talent is about undiscovered talent.'"

But the talent winner explained that he filmed the show himself and financed the whole project.

"So I put that show on myself. I [financed] it, everything myself," he said.

"I put my money where my mouth is. So it looks like ‘oh wow, Amazon Prime’ but it doesn’t look like that on the back end. It was a lot of stress.

"I had to borrow from other people, I had already put the deposit down, and after that, Amazon picked it up. So it wasn’t for Amazon Prime. Amazon picked it up."

He continued: "I recorded it, then Amazon was like, ‘oh we want that’ and that was like a year later."

However, despite his reasoning fans of BGT were still not convinced with one person saying: "I feel totally cheated!"

Another said: "Axel Blake was great. BUT should not have won @BGT as he is already a professional comedian."

A fan of Axel's also claimed they felt "cheated" after discovering his previous show, writing: "Loved you all week – I now feel very cheated. No wonder voting is free – they can fix it to suit themselves."

A fourth disgruntled BGT viewer tweeted: "Shock as professional comedian with sell out shows and Amazon special wins talent competition for unknown acts. Show is definitely fixed this year."

Another person suggested the show bans "professionals", saying: "BGT need to make the rules clear what chance do amateur performers have against seasoned professionals ? Axel Blake already has a series on Amazon Prime"

And a fifth demanded he address his gig at London's O2, tweeting: "What about his O2 gig he did?"

Axel was booked to perform at Indigo at London's O2 in June, and was billed as "the Snapchat King" and "social media star".

He has also teamed up with well known channels such as SBTV and UNLIAD with many of his comedy routines going viral.

The London comic told BGT during his audition that, even with the extra work, he was still working as a a property maintenance manager.

As the final result was read out by BGT presenters Ant and Dec, Axel fell to his knees as he heard his name. Axel told the double act: "I am shaking!"

Simon told Axel after his win: "I feel really emotional for you right now. It’s not just how brilliant you are, it’s how much I like you and how everyone likes you.

"I believe we have found a star."

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