Ben Miller ‘lost and depressed’ after father’s death
1st December 2022

Ben Miller says he was approached to play the Doctor

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The Death in Paradise star joined Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain to explain why he wanted to be involved in the campaign. Ben Miller helped to direct a short film encouraging viewers to donate their time to help those who were alone this Christmas.

Sharing his own experience with grief, Ben told the hosts: “I wanted to write about my experience with grief.

“I was very busy when my father died and I threw myself into work, and almost 18 months to two years later, it really hit me like a train.

“And I remember feeling so lost and depressed like there was a glass wall around me and I couldn’t reach other people.

“I wanted to write a story where the main character was experiencing that.

“What brought me back was my family and friends.”

Ben was on hand to launched One Million Minutes, which is now in its seventh year.

The month-long initiative, which will once again run throughout December, kicked off with a brand new short film directed by the actor.

The video, named A Slice of Life, begins with a lady sitting solo in her kitchen.

She gazes up fondly at a pink apron on which is written, World’s Greatest Cook.

The film then cuts to a memory of the lady dancing around the kitchen with her late wife, Alex.

Smiling, the lady’s fond memory is interrupted by reality when the doorbell rings.

Upon opening the door she is lovingly greeted by her son and her grandson, who says: “We made some of Nanna Alex’s chicken!”

Each time the doorbell rings after, another family member, friend or neighbour can be seen – both young and old – and they too have surprised her with, “some of Alex’s chicken”.

The film ends with the lady’s kitchen full of people eating, drinking, talking and laughing together around the table with the tagline, “Join the fight to end loneliness. Pledge some time to 1 Million Minutes”.

Ben said of the campaign: “Eat or heat’ is the dilemma for so many families this Christmas, and I’m proud to support 1 Million Minutes, ITV1’s Good Morning Britain campaign where you pledge time, not money, to help people in need.”

Neil Thompson, Editor Good Morning Britain, said: “Amongst the baubles and celebrations, we know all too well that many people across the UK find Christmas a very lonely and isolating time.

“Unfortunately, this Christmas those same vulnerable people may also be facing the prospect of a cold and hungry festive period, thanks to the current cost of living crisis.

“Here at Good Morning Britain, we want to help. That’s why, for the seventh year running, we’re launching our award winning social purpose campaign – 1 Million Minutes.

“You can donate your time to some wonderful charities and volunteer with those who really need it the most.

“With 404 million minutes of time donated so far, let’s continue in the fight to eradicate loneliness. Join me and get pledging!”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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